Meaning Of रोकना

beset catch delay deter dissuade jam parry strangle oppilate distrain rein in fend off cumber head off hold back stopped
cessation damping hold-up holdup slowdown stop cessations slowdowns stops cessatio slowdow
balk bar burke cease check cheque clog clogged debar desist detain disestablish fend fetter forbid forebear foreclose hamper hedge held hinder hold impede inhibit inhibited intercept interdict interrupt obstruct occlude preclude prevent prohibit rebuff rein repress repressing rescind reserve reserves resist restrain restrict retain scotch shut skid slack stall stay stint stinting stop taboo trammel ban forbade forbear forbore forborne retard stem stuff suppress baulks baulking baulked bans balks balking balked burked burkes burking ceases checks debarring debars desisted desisting desists detains disestablishes disestablished disestablishing fends fending fended fettering forbears forbids forclose forecloses forebearing foreclosed foreclosing hampering hampered hampers hedged hedges hinders holds impedes incommoded incommodes incommoding inhibiting inhibits intercepted intercepting intercepts interdicts interdicting interrupting interrupts obstructs occludes occluded occluding precenting precluding precludes precule prevented preventing prevents prohibits rebuffed rebuffing rebuffs reined reining represses rescinds reserving resists resisted restrains restricts retains retaining retarding retards retwining scotched scotching shuts shutting skids skidded skidding slacked stemming stems stinted stints stuffs suppresses suppressing supressed surcease surceased surceases surceasing tabooing tabooed trammeling trammeled trammelling rescinding forebears baulk stops fettered hold up ceasing impeding restricting pull back keep back rein in put back fend off keep (back) head off hold back forbearing pull up set back stalling precluded incommode suppressed prohibiting interdicted resisting reserve(s) slacking suppresse

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