Meaning Of मूर्ख

ass cuddy irrational jackass simp snipe thoughtless torpid walker chump fucker goof arse brainsick cully desipient dollish gothamite gowk imbecilely jolthead muggins rattlehead numskull shithead booby get out galoot goosy anserine chuckleheaded addlebrained
benighted cloddish daft dense doughy dull dumb empty-headed fatuous gaga goofy goosey idiotic ill-advised imbecile inept mindless opaque pigheaded rude sappy senseless sheepish silly slow-witted soft-headed thick unaware unintelligent unwise wet wetter shallow stupid calvish dafter daftest denser densest doughiest doughier dullest duller dumber dumbest goofiest goofier goosier goosiest idleheaded imbecilely nitwitted opaquer opaquest rattlebrained rattleheaded ruder rudest sappier sappiest shallower shallowest sillier silliest slowwitted spooniest spoonier spoony stupider stupidest thicker thickest wettest low-minded sottish anserine softheaded shallo
blockhead bullhead clod dimwit dolt doodle dumbbell dunce dunderhead fool gaby gander gawk goosey half-wit halfwit ignoramus imbecile blockheads loggerhead looby lummox mope moron mutt nincompoop ninny nitwit noddy peasant pinhead prune punk puppy sammy sap sawney simpleton slob slowpoke softy zany goof idiot noodle stupid blunderhead boobies bullheads clodpolls clodpoll clods dimwits dolts doodles drivellers dunces dunderheads featherbrain featherhead featherpate gabies ganders gawks goofs idiots ignoramuses imbecilely imbeciles loggerheads loghead loobies lummoxes moke mokes mooncalf mooncalves morons mutts nincompoops ninnyhammer ninnies nitwits noddies numskulls pinheads prunes puddinghead punks puppies puppied rattlebrain rattlebrains saps sawneys sheepsheads simpletons slobs slowpokes softhead softies stupes stupids tomfools zanies numskull pudding head stupe driveller booby chawbacon peasants tomfool

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