Meaning Of छोड़ना

eschew relinquishment renunciation leave let's daff lets missa missout pretermit remise back dow demit jack up back down give over give (over) discarding give off lay by elinquishment
cessation let-up letup renounce retraction leave cessations letups renounces retractation retractility retractions cessatio
backdown backslide cease desert desist deviate disavow discard discharge disclaim disown expose forgive launch liberalize liberate lose miss omit park parks quit relinquish remit renege renounce resign retract rid shun shunning stow stowing thrown-away unbind unchained unclasp unseat vent venting deny forgave leave backslides backslided backslidden backslid ceases denies denying derelinquish deserting desisted desisting desists deviated deviates disavowed disavowedly disavowing disavows discards discharges disclaimed disclaiming disclaims disowning disowns exposing exposes forgives launched launches liberalise liberalised liberalising liberalized liberalizes liberalizing liberates liberating loses missed misses missout omits putout quiting relinquisher relinquished relinquishers relinquishes relinquishing remitted remits remitting reneges reneged reneging renounced renounces renouncing resigh resigning resigns retracting retracts ridded ridding rids shuns stowed stows unbinds unbinding uncage uncaged uncages uncaging unchaining unchains unclasped unclasping unclasps unhanding unhanded unhands unseats vented vents back dow give up let up deviating put out back down omitting leaving out throw away ceasing throw over leave behind thrown over throwing away let slip discarding unhand give off unchain leave out exposé left behind set loose shunned leave (behind) thrown away leave alone leave off unseating pack (up) “liberate” giving up cast off quitting parked throw ove elinquish drop out drop behind

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