Meaning Of खोलना

develop explicate expose loosen shew unroll untwist unscrew bewray ope unbuckle unharness unrig unrip unshutter untile switch on exposé
blast-off blastoff detection disclosure disentanglement spotting undoing blastoffs detections disclosures disentanglements detectio undoings
baring dedicate deploy detect detected disentangle disentangled open opened prate put-on ravel shake-out shakeout unbarred unbelted unblock unbolt unbolted unbutton uncap uncapped uncase unclasp unclench uncoiled uncork uncover uncovering undo unfix unfixed unfold unfolding unfurl unlatch unlatched unleash unlock unlocked unpack unpacked unpin unravel unscramble unseal unsealed unstick unstuck untangle untangled untangling untie untucked untying unveil unwind unwinding unwrap unwrapped unzip bare undid unscrew bewrayed bewray bewrays bewraying bares declutch dedicates dedicating deployed deploying deploys detects disentangles disentangling opens prates prated puton raveling ravels unbarring unbare unbars unbelt unbelting unbelts unblacked unblocking unblocks unbolting unbolts unbosomed unbosoming unbosoms unbraced unbraces unbracing unbuckle unbuckled unbuckles unbuckling unbuttons unbuttoning uncaped uncapping uncaps uncased uncases uncasing unclasped unclasping unclasps unclenching unclenches unclenched unclinching unclose uncloses unclosing uncoiling uncoils uncord uncorks uncorded uncorking uncording uncorked uncovers uncurtain undoes unfixing unfixes unfolds unfurling unfurls unharnessing unharnesses unharnessed unharness unlatching unlatches unleashed unleashes unleashing unlink unlinked unlinks unlinking unlocks unlocking unpacking unpacks unpinned unpins unpinning unravels unravelled unraveled unrig unrigged unrigging unrip unrigs unripped unripping unrips unscrambling unscrambles unscrambled unscrewed unscrewing unscrews unsealing unseals unseam unseaming unseams unshuttered unshutter unsticked unsticks unsticking unstring unstringing unstrings unswathing unswathes unswathed unswathe uncove untangles untile untieing unties untuck untwining untucking untucks untwines untwined unveils unweaving unweaves unweave unwinds unwraps unwrapping unwoven unwove unwwoven unzipped unzipping unzips switch on put on bared unbosom detecting unblocked unbar unfolded unfurled unseamed raveled unbrace reel off untwine uncoil ipened smell out

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