Example Of zealous

Although Red protested his innocence and the victim was unable to identify him, the authorities zealously pursued the case.

Ann Lee and her immediate entourage were unbowed in their zealous commitment.

Early radicalisation did not equal zealous ideological commitment.

English courts have interpreted the 1953 act strictly and zealously .

He had been a fiery boy bursting with zealous defense of his friends.

He is a zealous advocate for the rights of Irish immigrants and others as Chair of the Emerald Isle Immigration Centre.

Her zealous commitment to politics is clearly something that Llosa sees as a special quality.

Her new zealousness has become very personal and directed at people who supported her.

His appeal is his integrity and an almost zealous commitment to his beliefs.

If the EU Commission is thought to be acting with undue zealousness in the application of the pact it may work against the pro-euro cause in Britain, Denmark and Sweden.

Infants brighten up in her presence and mothers listen to her with almost child-like zealousness .

Intelligence agencies that used to zealously guard their secrets now pool their information so troops can act swiftly on a highly perishable tip.

Just how zealous is the religious right?

Missions were built and zealous Franciscan priests set about converting the Indians living in their pueblos.

Now in their 50s, she and her husband are zealous promoters of the mission they began in 1981.

Now we learn of retribution efforts aimed at those who tried to correct the zealous propaganda which drove this nation into war.

Pastor Boichenko is indeed a zealous Pastor and evangelist always leading from the front.

Some who have testified say they're less worried that what they say will be leaked to the public than that it will get back to the agencies themselves, which are known for their zealousness in tracking down whistleblowers.

Such zealous passion would seem to be the natural preserve of that dangerous species, the young man.

The left wing still kind of exists now, but they're not so zealous .

The schoolboys who wandered in to play cricket were chased away by a zealous guard who thoughtfully confiscated the ball.

They are also extremists of one kind or another who have devoted themselves to the zealous pursuit of their religious ideals.

They defend their right to profit from patients' pain, suffering and death with a zealousness that is unmatched in the corporate world.

This was an act committed by one zealous serving girl who sinned thereby.

Those words were rather extreme, sadly uneducated and overly zealous .

Throughout a pulsating and fiercely-contested match, Kendal were unable to please the zealous match official.

When the death penalty is being looked at, as it is in this case, there is no choice for Mark except to attack any and everything lawfully and zealously that he can.

Will we see these zealous litter police staking out public houses.

You react with an intense and zealous activity designed to achieve your aims at all costs.

You would think that Britain, with a less rich architectural heritage to preserve than Italy, would preserve what it had all the more zealously .