Example Of worldwide

A toddler who battled an exceptionally rare form of cancer could give new hope to children worldwide .

According to the information on the Internet the virus is wiping out adults on a worldwide scale.

America in recession would alter the global economic picture and risk a worldwide turndown.

As before, it was war on a worldwide scale, with clashes throughout the Americas and as far away as India.

Campaigners say the popular pub was known worldwide and want it reopened.

Cleaner air in cities is only a small part of reducing emissions worldwide .

Countless surveys worldwide show that family companies tend to outperform.

Despite its worldwide popularity golf has never caught on in big way in St Lucia.

Ever fancied a global treasure hunt with cryptic clues embedded in worldwide media?

He has made a big impression on quite a few people to whom he has preached and prayed with on his worldwide tour.

He is known in life sciences worldwide and I think this makes us a key player now.

He pointed out that their group is the major supplier worldwide for green and white film.

His unique talent has earned him a worldwide reputation as the world's most popular phantom.

In total they have sold four million albums worldwide and notched up eight hit singles.

It also earned worldwide recognition and won numerous international awards.

It has already claimed the lives of scores of people worldwide and thousands have been affected.

It is a worldwide standardised strategy born in the era of globalisation that has been hard to challenge.

It is estimated that the disorder affects as many as 2.5million people worldwide .

It may go some way to repair the damage to the worldwide reputation of Irish banks.

It was the force of global industry that cemented the worldwide tendency for driving on the right.

On a worldwide scale an average of 704,000 metric tonnes of general shark meat is sold annually.

One could argue that a great deal of goodwill and generosity has been generated worldwide by the tsunami.

Period drama is increasingly seen worldwide to be the area of British television expertise.

Remembrance Day is celebrated worldwide every year and mourns the loss of lives in war.

Several thousand people worldwide claim to have had such close encounters, researchers say.

Steve has published all the books himself and has sold more than 275,000 copies worldwide .

Stunts filmed for the show have been connected to many copycat incidents worldwide .

The band built its reputation with club gigs before exploding onto the worldwide music scene.

The movie has won worldwide acclaim and is being hailed as being the next big success for the British film industry.

The practice is adding to the general worldwide crisis of drug-resistant disease.

The sea and waterways are the most widely used mode for transporting goods worldwide .

There is a view that the internet will change the way business is conducted worldwide .

These kids got to be on worldwide television during one of the biggest television events of the year.

They are starting to be used as weapons and will soon have worldwide reach.

They have worldwide connections, and are particularly adept at exploiting the internet.

Think of all the good that can be done with the resources now squandered on weapons worldwide .

Think what a worldwide university open to all could do to unleash human potential.

This event will reach a worldwide audience as the team set out to put Ireland on the map.