Example Of unfolds

A poet's life compressed into this book unfolds ideas both minute and complex.

An exclusive report details what really happened - and unfolds the agony of a grieving guide who led his clients to their deaths.

As the episodes unfold , we gradually see beneath the generic surface of the characters.

As the event unfolds , and as the enquiry reveals details, I'd expect to see more of that.

As the plot develops you realize that as many of the events unfold , it is not clear which of them occur naturally and which are engineered by the people that govern.

Becky was sitting in one of the pews nervously folding and unfolding a piece of paper, which was her speech.

Curtis also masterfully unfolds a portrait of the black working class in the Depression.

Escaping the obvious, her works allow for a freedom of interpretation and reading, each unfolding an absorbing narrative.

He carefully opened it, and unfolded the gray piece of paper inside.

He took off the plastic wrap and searched for a fork for her while she ripped open the envelope and unfolded the paper that was inside.

I continued packing my clothes, folding shirts, unfolding them, tucking socks into shoes.

I held my breath as I opened the envelope and unfolded the piece of paper in it.

I often think of them as an extension of Plan A, literally risk management as the incident or event unfolds .

It amazes me that watching events unfolding on my screen again affects me as powerfully still one year on.

It is observed that none of the colors is appreciably more buried or exposed to water upon unfolding or folding.

It takes the reader into the world of six ordinary women and slowly unfolds each life, layer by layer, to reveal the secret that defines their existence.

It would be a lie to say my son is unduly concerned by events unfolding in the Middle East.

It's very important to condition your horse to the sound of rattling paper as you fold and unfold the map.

Once in place, the lens unfolds into the correct position.

She carelessly ripped open the envelope and unfolded the piece of paper.

She lifted the envelope, and tore it open, and unfolding the letter, she read the typed print.

She tore open the envelope and unfolded the paper inside, but sighed when she looked at it.

She tore open the envelope, unfolding the two page letter, and hungrily read every line of her son's missive.

She tore the thin white envelope open and unfolded the small, yellow-lined notebook paper.

That is how fast political events are unfolding in Zambia.

The complex large-scale forms of serious music unfold their narratives in time with an authority that cannot be hurried.

The council is understood to be concerned that fingers could become trapped when the scooter is folded or unfolded .

The efficiency of the architect lies in unfolding the unexplainable details.

The events unfold in reverse chronological order, starting with a car accident that leaves Georgia in a coma.

The Godfreys said yesterday it was difficult to process the information as the tragedy unfolded .

The meandering pace with which Benton unfolds his narrative reinforces the lesson.

The one next to him on his left unfolded a paper map of the known areas of the world.

The opposite view is that managers have very limited ability to determine outcomes and that strategy emerges as events unfold .

The paper inside was tightly folded; as he unfolded it, something fell out.

The plot of the play centres around the Doyle Family and many revelations are unfolded as the play unfolds its riveting story.

The Sikh history, in all its varied phases, unfolds the genius of the Sikhs as a dynamic community.

the white flowers were just starting to unfold

There was a huge outpouring of grief and shock as the events unfolded on Tuesday.

Through study and hindsight, he was able to bring his own perspective to bear on how these momentous events unfolded and changed the world in so many ways.

Watching events unfold in the global market, we've long warned that economic conditions were deteriorating.

Well, I think we'll know how to measure success or failure as events unfold .

Yesterday a tragedy unfolded , a tragic event that could have been avoided, one that led to the unfortunate loss of life.