Example Of unbefitting

All I can manage to say is that Melody defended me like a saint, and Pete acted… very… unbefitting of a gentleman.

And the best lines of another great poem were later set to Joseph Woods' arhythmic and unbefittingly mediocre tune to comprise our National Anthem.

And, unquestionably, we see how many are unbefittingly ingenious in catching at a pretext for inhumanity.

As the Hon Maurice Williamson said, we have all travelled around places where we have experienced unruly behaviour that is not only unbefitting to the person but brings discredit on other people.

Black is the color of grief, for God's sake, and it's SO unbefitting for any other occasion except for… well, funerals, obviously.

Buying, selling, shopping, being psychoanalyzed: these were activities unbefitting any intellectual with a sense of self-respect.

I find it disturbing that the holiday planned for the third Monday in February, originally instituted to be a ‘family day’, is unbefittingly named Louis Riel Day.

In the course of the quarrel the half-Israelite spoke unbefittingly towards God.

It was a repressive occurrence and terribly unbefitting of a class so powerful, articulate and determined as that of Castlemont High, 2001.

It was somewhat unbefitting of someone claiming to be an empress to sit like an uneducated commoner, but Casen had always thought with a certain status comes the right to do as one pleases.

Mr Newman accepts that it was open to the Tribunal to come to a finding of conduct unbefitting on the basis of recklessness, but such a finding would have had a dramatic effect, he submits, on penalty.

Not even acknowledging her act is unbefitting a person of her character, of her stature, of her memory!

Or better yet, retire the pledge as an exercise in groupthink unbefitting a free people.

Other than an unbefittingly comfortable chair set in the corner of the area he now stood in, the room was unfurnished.

References to the unbefittingness of his death are also frequent.

Such behavior, which creates an impression that your political stance is more important than judging what is right and wrong, is totally unbefitting of Hong Kong's status as an international metropolis.

The breaches of the Rules in respect of which the Tribunal had found the Respondent's explanations unsatisfactory, did amount to conduct unbefitting a solicitor.

The committee found Mr Green guilty of unbefitting conduct but accepted no one had suffered from Mr Green's actions.

The first woman dressed elegantly now dresses in clothes too big for her with a dirty cap unbefitting her beauty.

The question was, did I want that attention by wearing something so unbefitting to my personality?

The Tribunal has found that Mr Wheeler was guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor for permitting Ms Harrison to work as she did.

There is no doubt in the Tribunal's mind that all of the Respondents have been guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor…

These are regarded as unbefitting of an important historical and cultural heritage site or ‘customary’ practice.

This does, of course, get very boring indeed (as well, of course as being incredibly unbefitting of a lady)

Through the dry, chilling lines, he always seems one part bemused; you can almost hear a smirk in his voice, which is a deep, rich baritone, unbefitting of a 37-year-old who still half looks like a teenager.

Understandably however, this narrative may have implied behaviour unbefitting a queen.