Example Of thrash

A family who went to confront an intruder in their garden were surprised to find a young deer thrashing around in their swimming pool.

a grungy thrash band

After being obliterated at tennis on Saturday, I was thrashed at squash this afternoon.

After the first operation he wouldn't come round and kept thrashing around which is when they found the second blood clot.

Another man, reminding his mother of how his father used to thrash him at her behest, was told, ‘You were a bad child and you deserved it.’

As the tiny birds thrash around trying to free themselves they become even more entrapped.

By thrashing around for solutions to the ‘politics of behaviour’ in this way, the government is helping to fuel the spiral of fear and alienation across society.

crews assembled in Richmond town square to tackle the 120-mile thrash

He thrashed madly, slamming his fists down wherever he could reach and kicking wildly.

Henry's charity ball had been one hell of a thrash

His father paid a visit to mine, who proceeded to thrash me with a yardstick.

His future father-in-law came round to dinner one evening and attempted to thrash him with a horsewhip.

His mother, who had thrashed him twice in front of his gurus for not being regular to his classes, had also played a role.

I donned this ensemble and went to dark, smoky clubs where I thrashed around to ear-ringing, heart-stopping music.

I think it's kind of cool that thrash metal fans can get a chance to check out for the first time bands that helped lay down the roots.

I wrench the steering wheel back and thrash on up the hill

If you want to swim really fast, stop thrashing about, relax and feel the water.

In the opening match of the tournament on Saturday, Germany thrashed Pakistan 6-0.

Is it better to be an isolated, depressed Western nuclear family housewife whose washing machine has a five year guarantee or an Indian woman who thrashes her washing on boulders in the river in the company of other women?

Neither is formal beauty a universally shared musical value, as much as film music or thrash metal are deliberately ugly.

Now he'd had a chance to thrash me again, I had lost what small advantage I had.

One of the most distinctive guitarists of the punk generation, his searing, choking guitar lines lift the songs above the thrash punk anthems they would later become.

Regarded by many as the album that started thrash metal, it was fast and furious and it is no wonder that many regard it as the greatest thrash / heavy album - the father of them all.

She thrashed and struggled and howled as they dragged her further inside.

She would beat her until her arm was tired and then thrash her on the floor.

the thrash of the waves

The best stuff is from the early seventies, when the murky, basic production and tight rhythm section set up a selection of exciting guitar thrashes .

The Government keeps thrashing around for that magic bullet, desperate to eliminate this crisis once and for all.

The more they thrash , push and struggle the more quickly they fatigue and the more mistakes they make.

The students of St John's College bounced back from a heavy mid-week defeat to thrash Dunnington 6-0.

Their latest album is proof of this, smelting the finest elements of thrash , death and black metal and ruthlessly pouring the molten result down your throat.

There can be no doubt that Paul was comprehensively thrashed in the debate.

There was Sara being held down by nurses as she thrashed around , desperate to get back to her husband.

They jumped into the thrash metal game very late, when it was spiraling back into the underground.

Those famous feet thrash the water so hard, the men that trail him say it is like being immersed in a washing machine.

When we started, thrash metal was still really underground.

While musically competent, these guys display no particular distinction, and the thrash guitar leads are pretty basic.

You've graduated from the Famous Five and Roald Dahl, and you are thrashing around for something that reflects your interests.