Example Of strike

A 24-hour post strike is expected in London, called by the Communication Workers Union after pay talks with Royal Mail stalled.

A Swindon firm has joined the rush to strike black gold in the Falkland Islands.

Alice is a very different person from her mother, she says, and together they strike a good balance.

As I predicted, however, the Supreme Court did not strike these laws down on grounds that they were special-interest rent-seeking legislation.

At Nashville we all felt we were in the gold fields and no one seemed to have made a strike .

Back in 1698, the mill was used to forge copper blacks for the Royal Mint to strike farthings and halfpennies.

Because I have a heavy ball roll, I can often roll a strike with a light hit.

But instead of going in the gutter, the ball hooked into the pocket for a strike .

But the bottom line is, that karate, allows you to use your hands and feet as weapons, and to strike much more quickly than you can with a sword.

By the time the batter swung, strike three was already in the catcher's mitt.

Eight months after the Conservatives were elected in Ontario, provincial employees went on strike for the first time ever.

He appealed to Britain and the US to abandon threats of a military strike .

He got up on his feet, clutching his weapon, ready to strike her down.

He raced towards the hags, preparing to strike them with the weapon.

he raised his hand, as if to strike me

He tells his wife that if he is killed, she should remain hidden until the men have passed and then strike out on her own for Loreto.

He's trying to grow cuttings, but doesn't even know which part of the plant is best to strike from.

Her mother shielded her head and the man lifted the pointed weapon to strike her down.

I head back to the living room, undo the matchbook, strike a match and carefully light the edges of the paper in the fireplace.

I will strike his name from the list

Incremental changes in the strike of some of the folds occur across these right-lateral faults, with more east-west orientations to the east.

It has a similar strike but steeper dip and extends to anticipated Precambrian basement depths.

It was only last year that the Government agreed to strike a medal to mark the campaign in the early 1950s.

It was time to strike camp and move on to a fresh location.

It's all grown back now, and I didn't even have the slightest urge to strike a match.

It's like, I already have one strike against me, being unable to compete with his wonderful ex.

local government workers went on strike

One of the problems I see the newcomer to saltwater fly fishing do when they feel a fish is give a hefty strike upwards as they would in trout fishing.

photoengravers voted to strike the New York Times

She determined which end was the handle by touch, and by using Flora's flint she managed to strike a spark and light the torch.

Terrorists are dependent upon their ability to strike without warning.

That should be a good barometer of whether it's really time for us to strike camp once and for all.

The doctrine invites abuse because it offers no criteria by which to judge a threat justifying a preemptive strike .

The extent of protection from a nuclear strike at their silos was considerably improved.

the Lena goldfields strike of 1912

the mine workings follow the strike of the Bonsor Vein

The murderers always strike at night; they kill the person, and then torch the place.

The quartzitic horizons change along strike into carbonaceous shale and sericite-chlorite schist.

there is no better surface for the spat to strike on than another oyster

They don't, however, strike much fear into young Cubans, who erupted into laughter as soon as I mentioned them.

They will strike without warning; their soldiers will not be visible; and their primary targets will include civilians.

to strike a medal

to strike a sliotar

to strike oil

Unknown aggressors strike at unknown times and places, often for unstated reasons, for apparently zero positive outcomes.

When 6000 women call a 2 month sex strike things get done.

When autumn chills the air, they strike camp and thread their way through the Nawar passes to graze their animals in warmer climes.

With every strike , every swing and every pitch, it seemed to grow quieter and you could almost hear the people crossing their fingers.

With that stone the brute had tried to strike the death blow.

With two outs and first base occupied, the catcher needs to tag the batter on a dropped third strike or throw to first.

workers may strike over threatened job losses

Wouldn't it be better instead to simply strike without warning?