Example Of slate

a grey slate roof

A jacket hung over his arm, the exact color of his slate gray slacks.

a loose slate falls from the roof

Although I admit to being one of those who'll slate a referee at a match, I also understand the enormous task they face once the whistle is blown.

another slate of candidates will be picked for the state convention

At one moment, it was slate gray, the next an inky black.

At the end of 1951 the Free Officers ran their own slate of candidates for election to the board of directors of the Officers' Club in Cairo.

‘Five quid,’ said the barman. ‘Put it on my slate,’ I suggested

Be prepared to see a whole slate of films next summer filmed in 3D!

But also consider some other bathroom floor options, like slate or marble, or even rubber tiles.

By the mid-19th century there were 15 quarries working slate , flags, sandstone and limestone.

Cool colours such as slate grey, navy, sleek steel and chrome are seen as inherently male.

Glaciers have deposited shale, slate , schist, and limestone throughout the region.

Grandma looked up him, took a hold of her slate and wrote.

He began to write on the slate , the chalk moving up and down to form the letters of his answer.

He looked up at Jon, who was studying him with his slate gray eyes.

He turned around and met a pair of slate gray eyes.

He was in his shirt sleeves with a slate gray waistcoat and matching trousers.

His slate gray eyes turned a dull black, and I closed my eyes in pain.

His eyes were slate gray, and his hair, cinnamon-colored and longish, hung straight down to his shoulders, tucked back now behind his ears.

His head jolted up; his slate gray eyes stared longingly into my own.

However, their true color varies among individuals from a uniform dark slate gray with little whitish mottling to a very light blue with extensive mottling.

I'd like to see a major studio take its slate down to 8 films a year… and have 6 significant moneymakers.

It consists of graphitic schist and slate , psammite, pelitic schist/gneiss and augen gneiss at structurally higher levels.

Its cousin, the stunning kokako, is slate gray with sky-blue wattles decorating a black-masked face.

Most of the buildings were quite tall, probably four or five stories and made of slate gray stone.

New surfaces are made from chemical compounds and are designed to mimic granite, limestone, marble, slate , or soapstone.

Ross and crew jumped in with a production slate of a dozen original films annually, a gambit that has paid off.

Ryan O'Connor leans against the edge of the stage, wearing jeans and a slate blue shirt that brings out the green in his eyes.

She dropped down onto the roof of the porch and caught her foot on a loose slate which crashed to the ground beneath her.

suits of slate gray

suits of slate grey

The slate 's most obvious purpose is the documentation it provides on what scene is being filmed, when it was filmed, what take it was, which film reel it was, etc.

the assistant cameraman is about to slate the scene

the company has revealed details of a $60 million slate of film productions

the company has revealed details of a $60m slate of film productions

The election for that Parliament has to be made from a complete slate of six candidates.

The festival also featured a full slate of workshops and panels.

The floors are locally quarried slate , carried from the mountains on donkey back and hand-cut to fit tightly together in random patterns.

The Greater London elections also saw a slate of socialists winning substantial votes.

The hallmark of the film festival this year was a slate of African films, heralding a mini-renaissance.

The international future, then, offers up a whole slate of questions and requirements, and sets a steep agenda for preparing strategic leaders.

The metal frames are then treated with a rust-preventative lacquer that can be infused with eight different colors, from slate gray to emerald green.

The most handsome and timeless of materials is stone such as marble, granite, limestone, or slate .

The most resistant rocks are quartzite and quartz-rich sandstones, and tough fine-grained rocks such as slate .

The smooth slate floor of the bottom level reflects the rough basalt on the pathway through a preserved grove of evergreens.

The week after a slate of games, hats will be worn and old jerseys can be seen throughout the team complex - losers forced to dress in hostile colors against their own will.

These extrusive rocks are tilted and rest unconformably upon metamorphosed limestone, shale, and slate .

They discuss how to proceed, conduct run-throughs, slate shots, film the filming; and as they do so, you get to know these young people.

With two floors of windows, natural wood, river rock and slate , it makes a perfect backdrop for the captivating view.