Example Of skin

A dull aching head-ache drummed through her head like finger pads on a drum skin .

a flap of skin

A tuberculin skin test result is positive in less than 50 percent of patients.

Air must be excluded from the can by a tight-fitting lid, or a skin can form in the can.

Airlines including El Al are developing guns which will disable hijackers but not pierce the skin of an aircraft.

An assortment of bruises in varying shade of purple and blue speckled my usually smooth, olive colored skin .

Anneen would skin her alive if Tara did not bring something, no matter how small.

Another thing is when I skin my knee or fall, they make a big deal about it.

Check for wrinkles in the fuselage skin where the main gear leg goes into the fuselage.

Dad would skin me alive if I forgot it

Drummer Ste Barrow is frantically searching for a replacement having just split the skin on his bass drum.

During his journey he had used the knives to skin rabbits caught by his dogs.

Galaxies of lights festooned the vessel, and the living skin of gold covered the gaping holes of cannon-barrels.

He leaned in towards her, caressing her exposed creamy skin with uncharacteristic gentleness.

He might have added that if you do try to skin a tiger one paw at a time, it will get very, very cross.

He shakes his wine skin and hops off of the branch in which he was sitting and walks to a small stream and fills his skin .

he's out to skin you

Her exposed skin tingled against the cold, and she was so fervently trembling she was certain she would faint.

Here's one that's really important because we've got a lot of sports fans in this town: touching the skin of a dead pig makes one unclean.

His fair skin was burned on his cheeks because they were very rosy.

His lightly muscled tanned bare skin glistened in the sun and he felt very much like an article on display.

I use body lotion to keep my skin soft

I use body lotion to keep my skin supple

I, however, did seriously skin both my knees and so completely stuff myself it took about 2 hours to recover.

In another casserole, put the luganica sausage, free of skin and reduced to crumbs, and a little oil and fry until it starts to brown.

In many places in India the traditional Coracle is made by blowing up the skin of a dead buffalo, stitching it together and sitting on it like using a large float.

In simple terms, these products won't block pores or irritate sensitive skin .

Islam is just the outer skin of an onion covering animism, Hinduism and other ancient mysteries.

It is a pudding in the old sense of something enclosed in a sausage skin .

It took four months to model the skin , a curvilinear structure and the auditorium interior and ceiling.

It was going up to the 27th floor, so they had to peel the skin off of the building and peel the windows out.

Lux Studios preserved its exterior skin and opted for all new interiors.

music, reviews, and attitude all wrapped up in the skin of a catalog

Obviously, there's some damage to the exterior skin ; a couple of panels that have come off.

Oddly enough, he could see sparks fly as the bullets impacted the skin of the aircraft.

Remove from the oven, skin the tomatoes then place everything, including any juices, in the blender.

The skin is covered with small denticles, or scales, pointing backwards.

The fact I can jump into a half-pipe and never skin my knee or break a bone - the escapism is one huge appeal.

The fruit is shaped like but smaller than a pear, and has a shiny brown scaly skin .

The hole in the floor was covered with a sliding panel flush with the aircraft's skin .

The light never touched his soft, tan skin .

The stair and theatre foyers are complex folded volumes that reiterate the language of the building skin .

The water skin filled, quickly, and out of the top a stream of water burst out.

This is undoubtedly one of the best, most bedazzling films of his skin show career.

Typical teen problems like zits had not touched his flawless pale skin .

Victoria was skimming the skin off the saucepan of milk