Example Of skeleton

As bone after bone is added, the skeleton begins to take shape.

At about thirty years of age, the human skeleton is as heavy and strong as it will ever get.

Being already a thin child when she lost weight she became like a skeleton and as pale as the pure driven snow.

Both schools have remained open, operating with skeleton staff.

Building has begun in earnest on the metal skeleton for the northern section of Manchester's new-look Arndale shopping centre.

Council offices reduced to skeleton staff manning because most of the people are sleeping off the previous night's counting.

Five landfill sites will be open, but with skeleton staff only.

He believes their canine teeth would have caused little damage to a hominid skeleton .

Hospital services were disrupted and a skeleton staff left to operate the casualty and emergency departments.

I saw the movie long back and I just remember the basic skeleton of the story.

If a strike had gone ahead, the action would have left the city with only a skeleton bus service operating from three of York's Park & Ride sites today.

It is in the municipalities and corporations the health service finds it difficult to operate with skeleton staff.

Let's start with this skeleton , containing a basic title section.

Man and most vertebrates are characterized by an internal rather than an external skeleton .

Many elderly parents will have to struggle to care for their severely disabled adult children at home while the residential centres operate on a skeleton service.

Many other services operated with skeleton staff.

Many schools in major centres were either closed, virtually deserted or operating on skeleton staff.

Non-essential High Commission workers are leaving, with just a skeleton staff of 40 left to man Britain's biggest overseas mission.

Operations are still being run by a skeleton staff of six, but many other employees have already found new jobs with the support of Appleby Heritage Centre.

Samwu said that it had a local agreement in place for a skeleton staff to maintain essential services, but this had not been ratified at a national level.

she was no more than a skeleton at the end

Sheltered by an undulating copper canopy on a wooden skeleton , the garden's form and content celebrates life's diversity.

Skeletons Sponges, like all animals, possess some sort of a skeleton that gives their bodies shape.

That structure provides a skeleton of sorts for the ship.

the skeleton of a report

The advantage of an internal skeleton is that it allows the animal to grow much larger than is the case with the arthropod type exoskeleton.

The basic skeleton of all languages is grammar, that is structure which, when mastered, enables anything to be said.

the chapel was stripped to a skeleton of its former self

the concrete skeleton of an unfinished building

The first step is to cut through the gloss you will find in ‘every thing is beautiful’ brochures and get down to the bare skeleton structure of what is being offered.

the human skeleton

The human body has a dynamic framework of bone and cartilage called the skeleton .

The next man seemed to be a skeleton , and his voice was just as thin.

The service never shuts down, and even on Christmas Day a skeleton staff is on duty.

The steel skeleton is stabilised by the spiralling ramps and by a concrete lift and stair tower on the west side overlooking the main entrance to the zoo.

The strike hit most public services, forcing hospitals to stay open with skeleton staff and closing down schools.

The structure was reduced to a charred skeleton and had to be demolished, prompting a campaign to restore the rundown Victorian public gardens.

The studio was made with a skeleton of built-up wood frames within a skin of galvanized metal.

The white concrete skeleton of the new stand is developing while business, with some difficulty, goes on around.

The words of a former owner still haunt Cappielow, and particularly the shell of the Cowshed, as the stand sits skeleton - like, waiting for the investment that never came.

there was only a skeleton staff on duty

These forms had two dorsal fins rather than one, and all the fins were supported by an internal skeleton and musculature.

Without an internal skeleton , it has to propel itself across the seafloor with bands of minute, hydraulically powered tube feet.