Example Of scraggliest

A few scraggly bushes struggled to grow in the arid soil.

About 70 huge boats, some with four to five families on board, were tied to scraggly pine trees down the canal.

After herringboning up the powdery side of Sentinal Dome, we skied over to a rocky outcrop where a scraggly old tree clung to the rocks.

As predicted, few of the scraggly bushes have berries.

Ashwood helped him climb out of the shelter, and he sat down on the sand in the shade of a scraggly acacia tree.

Chimney Rock dominates a little island otherwise undistinguished: a few scrub trees, scraggly grass, no landing beach.

From the small plane, they passed below me - a bleak, forlorn landscape of scraggy spruce, frozen ponds and wind-whipped snow.

Instead of my life flashing before me, all I see is the flash of the road and dirt and scraggly trees as the car begins to spin.

It's astonishing how rose bushes will cling on to life despite neglect, growing more and more scraggy and lanky year after year.

Little more than an expanse of scraggly lawn ringed with trees, it nevertheless was the only park in my neighbourhood for children to play in.

Nothing can bring down the looks of an otherwise tidy course than weeds and scraggly grass at the base of trees.

Once the flowers start looking scraggly , trim them back and the plant will bounce back with more.

Only a few wind-blown, scraggly willows grow north of the Brooks Range, mostly along rivers and creeks in this dry climate.

Pine trees and oyamel firs predominate if undisturbed, enmeshing their scraggly tops in one solid molding of green.

Practically a mountain in itself, the terraced heap supports scraggly clumps of grass and not much else.

The ground was bare except for the occasional scraggly weed and blue fern.

The rescue people had posted a guard, so we took up an eerie vigil in a grove of scraggy timberline pines.

The swish of green and gold bamboo can add sophistication, but bear in mind that their delicate leaves can turn scraggy in our climes.

When a big, shady space needs a face-lift, remove overgrown or scraggly plants so you can make a fresh start.

With just a few scraggly ferns and blueberry bushes to choose from, a deer would have a tough time finding a snack.