Example Of scared

As they travelled down to the place where the car was meant to be, Amy couldn't help but feel incredibly scared and nervous.

Either he's scared of being caught lying, or he feels very comfortable with truth.

Hazel nodded, a bit scared of what was going on.

He continued down the path, wondering what the rumbling meant and why people were so scared of it.

He said the experience has made him frightened of walking in the town and scared of police - even though he has done nothing wrong.

I can't remember when I first started getting scared of going to the dentist.

I cannot speak for him, but I was still scared stiff.

I knew where he was, and I was worried and scared that it would be too much for him.

I think in a lot of hip hop these days people are kind of scared to venture out and do different things.

I think sometimes people get scared and defensive if they don't understand something.

I was kind of scared he'd attack me, and I'm deathly shy around adults I don't know.

I'm telling you this because I am struggling to understand why my new sales team seem so scared of me.

It was odd how dressing unusually could cause people to feel scared and intimidated of you.

Many on-lookers at the bar and on the dance floor stopped to look at the scene with scared eyes.

Scarlett just stood beside me, watching all the other scared freshman pile into the gym.

She had a really scared look on her face.

She stopped dead in her tracks like a scared rabbit when she saw us.

She was not scared of heights, either.

The first thing I told her was to make sure that her parents knew but she said no because she was too scared .

You may be perfectly fine, but Mom's scared to death.