Example Of regular

A PUB regular will be enjoying his first legal pint on Sunday despite being 72 years old.

A second branch of the clerical hierarchy was composed of nuns and monks who were members of the regular religious orders.

Also to have your pc online at the same time, simply buy and install a regular network card into your pc.

As a regular at my church, formal dress (suit and tie) was the norm for me.

As if he were just some regular person getting a ride somewhere.

As well as the regular engines, visitors will be able to ride steam engines from 11 am.

Assuming there are no contraindications, a woman should plan to exercise at regular intervals.

Barely a regular structure, road or building broke the contours of the mountainsides, whose ragged, stony slopes rose straight from the shore to a thousand feet.

But then they love the illusion that they're just regular guys having a regular night out.

Cliff Hill is very close, has a trig point and a regular shape like an upturned saucer.

Considering they fail to exceed the average size of regular apartments, prospective tenants may baulk at the use of the term penthouse.

Corporate email is usually subject to constant changes and requires regular attention.

FOR 20 years Englishman Graham Leake had been a regular fishing visitor to the picturesque heritage town of Lismore.

For regular bar food prices, these are very reasonable.

He arranged a regular supply to a man in the Wakefield area but by the year end was in a new relationship and wanted out of the drug trade.

He needs a safe, secure place to live with constant supervision, regular medical attention and intensive rehabilitation therapy.

He walked out of the bathroom area, going to his locker to change back into his regular clothes, but deciding to wait until he cooled off completely.

he was a regular visitor to the island

he's a regular guy

his father was a regular soldier

However, approximately 20 percent of active women don't experience regular menstrual periods.

I work with the regular maintenance crew, Mahoney Maintenance.

If a regular person would have just used them for a little bit, he or she would have been unconscious for days or weeks, or they could have died.

If cycles become regular , it is worth continuing for six months at this dose.

In addition, many women are among the gallery's regular customers.

It requires a regular menstrual cycle and is most effective in a long-term relationship.

It was quite noticeable that the cemetery grounds were given constant and regular attention.

Jumping up, she changed into her regular work clothes even though school was over for that day.

Katie, a Spinning class regular on the bike next to mine, rolls her eyes to indicate the unusually packed studio.

Keller was a particularly obnoxious and disgusting regular on the station.

Lateral inhibition is also involved in the regular spacing of hair cells or trichomes on root and leaf surfaces.

Moreover, server processors very often boast some features, which will be of absolutely no use in regular desktop platforms.

Moreover, there continued to be problems between the secular and regular clergy.

Name and describe the parts of a regular flower and an irregular flower.

Ohlson varies his regular structure by making two rectangles within each of four vertical quadrants.

Recruitment for the regular army has always been difficult.

Specials have the same powers as regular constables, and the role can provide useful experience for anyone thinking of a career in the police force.

Start by buying the slender regular sizes (they are the smallest and easiest to insert).

Take a diet soft drink instead of a regular soft drink, don't supersize those French fries, get the regular size.

The British arrived from a land of neat farms, specific hedgerows, a regular cycle of tilling the land and a cultivation timetable based on seasons.

The lowest priority should be given to fit individuals with regular daytime duties who can make their routine journeys to work in other ways.

The pages seem bigger than they really are: intellectually, you know it's the size of a regular comic, but the artwork explodes beyond the confines of the page.

The place was a regular wake.

The problem was that many people came in on that day by chance, taking advantage of the sale even if they weren't regular customers.

The stability mission remains one for combat-ready soldiers, but in the U.S. sector, not one to be performed by the regular Army.

The three of them walked out of the room and left me to change into regular clothes.

Their regular food is kebab roll, shwarma or biryani, as they are forever short of funds and settle for the cheaper, greasier fast food variety.

Then it's just like the regular process for the other stuff I'm making.

there are regular storms

There must be planned and regular reflection on the demonstration of ethical behavior in daily camp life.

they have regular meetings

They live and act like regular people, but they're on his payroll.

They seem to cover equal amounts of the canvas in a regular arrangement broken only by the thin orange lines.

This was a bit of a gamble, for the regular army combat troops did not possess the same high degree of natural talents as the Special Forces people.

To assist us in teaching, and to give the students a regular format, we have prepared a teaching framework for the classes.

To these people I knew I was not just a regular person, I was something that they wanted to protect, but hurt by doing so.

United States intelligence estimates 350,000 soldiers in the regular army, poorly equipped with low morale.

Women with regular menstrual cycles should begin testing for urinary LH about 3 days prior to expected ovulation.

York council chiefs announced plans to dump regular weekly rubbish collections in an attempt to recycle more garden waste.