Example Of pips

All previous decks had shown pips like a normal pack of playing cards.

And it's really good - heavy on the lemons and probably a little heavy on the pips too but it tastes great.

Any combination of cards adding up to 15 pips scores 2 points.

At first I think the firemen were a bit bewildered but after 20 minutes or so on their hands and knees they were finding seed pips .

At the end of the hand, each player gets the total number of pips in his hands.

Cut each passionfruit in half and scoop out the pips and pulp with a small spoon into a sieve set over a bowl.

Each player gets the total number of pips left in his hand.

For a more modest production run, take one pint of double cream and grate the rind of two lemons into it, plus the pips .

He was in full dress uniform, black with golden pips and a red beret.

I did not even have time to get out of the door before a man in a white shirt full of shoulder pips and a stern look on his face appeared to warn me off taking action.

I quite like oranges, but the pips spoil them, and peeling them is hard work.

If the game is blocked, the partnership with the smallest total of pips on their tiles gets one point for the round.

In both cases, the players who did not domino score the total of the pips on the tiles left in their hand.

In the diagram, the match has just ended because E & W have 12 pips .

In the HEADING-UPWARD display, the target pips are painted at their measured distances in direction relative to own ship's heading.

It has hard flesh and many pips and is too sour and astringent to eat raw; but it has a delicious fragrance and when cooked with adequate sweetening develops a fine flavour and turns pink.

Let the oranges cool then cut into quarters, remove pips and any hard stalk.

Numeral cards have roman numbers and can also be recognised by counting the pips .

Our grandchildren planted some Braeburn apple pips and they have all grown.

Personnel were walking every which way behind the command station, which held a beautiful, buxom blonde wearing captain's pips .

Place the fruit, rind and pips in a large bowl and cover with cold water.

She found herself with captain's pips on her collar at the tender age of eighteen.

Some foods, especially fruit skins and pips can swell in the gut causing blockages.

Some winemakers go so far as to crush the pips of the grapes in order to extract as much bitter tannin as possible.

Sometimes, time chews up your memories and spits them out like grape pips .

Strain the liquid off carefully through muslin making sure that no pips or pulp get through.

The cards are arranged on the table so that the number of pips showing shows the team's current score.

The daughter puts some raisins in the mother's mouth after removing their pips .

The number of pips showing on the ten are the units digit of the score, and the total number of pips showing on the Jack and Queen (which may be face up or face down) are the tens digit.

The other man was solidly built, and dressed in a black uniform, two golden pips on each shoulder, and with his hands gloved in a similar black.

The total pips revealed denotes the team's score.

They can be blocked by phenolic compounds, which are already known to be found in the pips and skin of grapes.

They include a bizarre grand piano, not only reconstructed by Philip Webb but in addition decorated by Kate Faulkner with playing-card pips , mottoes and whorls of gilt gesso-work.

This machine breaks the skins of the grapes but doesn't press them, and removes all stalks and some of the pips .

To my eye the Coupe just pips the Roadster as the ultimate modern classic.

We both have grapefruit pip stories from our childhood, but in Joanna's case the pips grew into trees for 35 years without producing a flower or fruit!

You can propagate by division, from proliferations or pips , or from seed.