Example Of pale

Although she was pale with fright and nauseous from the strain, Ava had to chuckle.

Because the colors overlap and blend, the effect works best with pastels or other pale shades.

bring these things back within the pale of decency

But by and large, this campaign was a pale imitation of its immediate predecessor.

But she knew that in bright light, those eyes would turn such a gorgeous pale colour of green.

Commercial garam masala uses cheaper spices and can taste like a pale imitation of the real thing.

Duncan just sat there with a strange look on his face while Alan and Patricia's faces turned a pale shade of green.

Even the less worthy side of the public world seems like a pale imitation of its former self.

Even without the smeared white makeup she was pale , completely in contrast with his own darker features.

He had a pale complexion a narrow face and thin lips.

He was clean shaven, with a pale complexion and drawn cheeks.

He was so pale , and his skin felt like fire beneath her fingers.

His pale complexion and ashen hair gave him an almost ghost-like appearance.

His skin was so pale Sara fancied she could see through it, and his single normal eye had become stained as dark as the obsidian one which sat in his other eye socket.

I am not included within the pale of this glorious anniversary!

If a piece is too large or ostentatious, the rest of your garden could pale into insignificance, overshadowing all your previous months or years of hard work in an instant.

If you can't be identified as a clearly alternative government, then you run the risk of appearing as a pale imitation of the current government.

If you're pale , even out the skin tone with mystic tan.

In fact, his already pale complexion had drained of what colour it originally had, and his smile had vanished.

In some situations, religious education may be a pale imitation of what it once was and much less confident than what it might be.

It was a pale green with different shades of blue beads around the top that brought out the color in my bluish-green eyes.

Kilmarnock, with six experienced players missing, were a pale imitation of the side Jim Jefferies would have liked to have sent out at Parkhead.

Less virtuoso jazz than indulgent jam, the movie offers a pale imitation of intellectual engagement.

Little wonder almost all of them dabbled in different shades of pale green and blue.

Most of the hunt officials I have spoken to concede that hunting in Scotland today is a pale imitation of the sport they once knew.

Noted for its very high yield, the fruits are large and pale green.

She is in shock, and her pale complexion is becoming more and more flecked with blood.

She peered at herself through the mirror in front of her bed, sighing in frustration as she saw her eyes were still the same annoying pale shade of green.

She was pale skinned with some freckles and a pixie nose.

She was very pale , and the color of her hair made her skin look muddy.

She would arrive in her skimpy outfits, her eye lashes batting and her lips covered in a light shade of pale pink lip gloss.

Tess turned a pale shade of green and retreated, with Aurelia following behind.

The pale gate complements our pale fence panel, or alternatively it can be used in isolation in a hedge or brick built wall.

The pale is an ordinary, consisting of two perpendicular lines.

The attacker was slim with a very pale complexion.

The cabaret Maria took us to was a pale imitation of those scything performances of the 1970's and 80's.

The fence would be a visual improvement to the existing chestnut pale fence and overgrown plants which currently exist.

The film feels a pale imitation of something that came long ago but isn't quite living up to its yesteryear aspirations.

The harsh reality from a Mayo perspective was that the home team looked a pale imitation of what one could expect from a representative team.

The irony is that if he had done the decent thing he may well have taken a hit in the polls, but it wouldn't have been as big as the hit he took by appearing to be a pale imitation of the Prime Minister.

The male is white, in his 20s, 5ft 4in tall, with fair hair and a pale complexion.

The modern conference season is a pale imitation of former glories.

The most bizarre thing is that this is somehow all balanced out by the baby giving us the merest hint of a smile, besides which our complaints pale into insignificance.

The two enhancers increased pigment from pale orange to light red.

The underside should be pale green to light yellow, or just beginning to turn white.

They argue that pasteurised pub ciders are a pale imitation of the real deal from small, local producers up and down the country.

To make it more secure push stones into the ground around the edge of the pale .

What lay before her struck her like a dagger, causing her to pale with fear, even begin to sob silently.

While it will satisfy a chicken craving, the food is a pale imitation of fiery Jamaican fare and not as straightforward as your average rotisserie.