Example Of orifice

Anatomists have applied the term cardia to that part of the stomach that lies around the orifice of the tubular esophagus.

During excretion, the urethral orifice below the bladder is opened and the urine passes through the urethra.

Epithelia are tissues lining the outer surface of the body, or the inner surface of organs which have a direct connection to one of the body's orifices .

Hair is found on all parts of the skin except the palm and sole, and the oral, anal, and urogenital orifices .

In addition, no diverticular orifices were identified.

It had large, opaque eyes, no nose, and a lipless slit for a mouth with two small orifices on each side.

Jordan's hands clasped over the inhaler and pressed the orifice of it and faced it to her mouth.

Laparoscopy enables hernial orifices to be observed and tension-free mesh repair to be carried out effectively.

On the left there was an obstructing lesion noted at the orifice of the left upper lobe bronchus.

Other landmarks used to guide resection are the right and left ureteral orifices and the bladder neck.

Teeth are exempted from the requirement, as are incisions in or around natural body orifices .

The anal canal ends at the anus, which is the external orifice , or opening, of the digestive tract.

The exophytic mass bulged from the roof of the left atrium between the atrial septum and the orifices of the pulmonary veins.

The level of the orifices of the coronary arteries in the sinuses of Valaslva varies in both the vertical and horizontal directions.

The major orifice opposite the aulacophore is the anus, with the mouth somewhere near the ambulacrum.

The ureteral orifices are located at the proximal borders of the trigone area.

The ureters, their resection margins, and internal orifices were free from tumor.

This helps the surgeon identify the ureteral orifices during bladder dissection and urethral bladder reanastomosis.

Under the reconstruction favoured here, the right orifice is the mouth and the left the anus, implying a U-shaped gut.

We even applied sunscreen to the nostrils, an orifice often overlooked by the uninitiated.