Example Of organize

organize and lead a group of people

organize lessons in a planned way

an attempt to organize unskilled workers

At first, I thought it was completely chaotic, but somehow the system seems to organize itself without having to talk about the rules.

‘Our goal is to organize the people around this issue,’ he says.

Candidates and officials of the neighbourhood community jointly organize the meetings.

Children need to know that we sort and classify things every day in order to organize information.

District 1199 is seeking a new contract and is attempting to organize the other workers at the hospital.

Fascism attempts to organize the newly created proletarian masses without affecting the property structure which the masses strive to eliminate.

For example, we organize seminars and other events to keep them informed.

Ginger and each of her 700 coworkers did, however, have a vote on the four occasions when several big trade unions tried to organize the factory.

He had led efforts to organize garment workers and to fight for improved working conditions in Cambodia.

In Poland in 1980, workers used strikes to win the right to organize a free trade union, galvanizing the people to insist on fuller rights.

In response to the crisis, the working class launched a series of struggles for the right to organize trade unions in basic industry, and for improved wages and conditions.

In such a case, the people will be suspicious of the purpose and background of the transition team's decision to allow public servants to organize a trade union.

It established freedom of the press (although hardly for the reactionary press), freedom of speech, the right to strike and to organize trade unions.

It should systematically unify and organize a set of observations, building from basic principles.

Items were reviewed by four surveillance system experts to help organize demographic categories.

Others believe that while moral beliefs may be right or wrong, there is no way to organize them into systematic principles.

she was unsuited to anything where she had to organize herself

Should the game take off, Wong and his team are prepared to organize gatherings and tournaments.

The jail scenes are the most convincing, as Miguel attempts to organize and defend the political prisoners, while Jorge drifts toward and takes the part of the more backward elements.

The officials reasoned that it would be too complicated to organize a system that sees the rich pay a higher fee.

the soul doth organize the body

They simply lack people who can organize workers.

we all believed in the need to organize women

We must organize our people to liberate themselves with the clarity of their own minds, the courage of their own hearts and the work of their own hands.

We've had a lot of people organize at the grassroots level.