Example Of muted

A soft, muted noise at my back made me jump and turn around.

As always I marvelled at the display of texture and muted colour that would humble the most dazzling painter.

At last I heard the outer door open; felt a draught of air and heard muted footsteps crossing the soft carpet of the sitting room.

‘I am sorry I have to do this to you,’ he heard her muted voice say tonelessly.

Downstairs is dominated by a slick bar, muted colours, mismatched furniture and a dark slate floor.

Dressed with little more than the occasional industrial splurt, Maynard sings almost exclusively in hushed tones and the guitars are all but muted throughout.

Elsewhere muted trumpets enter the mix evoking images of the American southwest.

For example, ‘Lent’ is the song with the muted trumpet in the verse, some kickass beats and some freaky guitar work.

For me it wasn't that easy; my emotional outpouring was muted , or perhaps nonexistent.

Guitars are coated in reverb and delay, and in the distance muted drums pop and clunk along.

He bends to the right to reach for the water glass on his night stand and lets out a muted whine of terror.

He sighs, the short sound close to the beginnings of muted laughter.

He stood there, still and quiet, as if taking in all the muted sounds.

Her butterfly and figurative prints, with their muted colour palette, have a delicate vintage look.

Here's a corner that I liked because of the muted colours and textures.

I awaken to the sound of muted footsteps across wooden floors.

If your doorbell is dirty, the ring usually sounds muffled or muted .

It was dead quiet, except for the muted voices coming from the gymnasium.

Langorous horns, ticking guitars and muted keyboards have been added, sketching out long, graceful arcs of melody over the bubbling rhythms.

McDonald treats the song, bathed in gliding strings and muted horns, as an impressionist tone poem.

Pashmina shawls are usually bright red, green, muted beige, or oatmeal in color.

Perceptions are muted and muddled, the passions cool, and thoughts drift to the dreary.

Quiet strings, piano and muted organ provide the background for the majority of the hushed tracks.

Seven weeks' hard labour, muted colours and Gustavian furniture have given this city flat a country air.

She glared at him as she pulled down a coffee cup and slammed it down onto the counter with muted anger.

Soft-toned trumpets and horns enter, menacing minor-key interchanges leading to high flute and muted trombones at the close.

That anger isn't going to go away, however muted or buried it may become.

That period of time between dusk and night creates some beautiful shapes and shadows as well as muted colours.

The muted colours come through clearly and crisply and the occasional uses of bright colours are faithfully rendered.

The muted voices he could suddenly pick up from the corridor sounded animated.

The aquarelle painting on the wall and the muted lighting really make you feel at home.

The city was almost inaudible apart from the muted clang of the trams.

The clash echoed around the alley, followed by a muted bang.

The colours are muted so that the chocolates and greens sit perfectly with the faded pink and antique blue.

The days were getting shorter, I noticed, as my muted footsteps echoed in the hallways.

The dining room is filled with modern furniture, muted lighting and roomy booths, though the other tables are quite tight.

The guitars are flat and muted , the vocals spare and disaffected, and the theatrical, climactic scream-along choruses are absent.

The opposition ranged from fierce anger to muted dissent.

The sudden modulation brings a galaxy of woodwind delights against muted , pointed strings.

There was always a slight murmur, like the muted buzz of wasps in their nest.

This is more an expression of muted anger.

What comes, instead of the dials being turned up a notch or two, is that a muted trumpet joins in.

With muted lighting and comfy leather sofas it has its discreet corners but it's better to be out in the open for A-list celeb spotting.

You can hear muted voices above you; there are people out there.