Example Of murky

A piece of York's murky past emerged from the depths, when workers on the Ouse came across an old barrow in the river.

A series of murky killings by both factions have taken place over the past year, calling the ceasefire in the region in question.

Among the many murky questions surrounding the killing is the mysterious background of the assailants.

As apartheid ended, South Africa faced thousands of dark questions about its past, with murky answers for its future.

As part of a training exercise they waded into the lake looking for remnants of a bridge that has been hidden beneath the murky waters since it collapsed in the 1960s.

At the pier, he described a stringy plant floating in the murky water as a weedy species that had escaped from aquariums.

Authorities say no one saw him because the water was so murky .

By this time the sky had turned a murky grey and the sea was being whipped up by the wind… and then we were met by the pier master with the bad news that the ferry was cancelled.

Contacts from the resistance led me into the morally murky world of international weapons sales.

Dark, cold and murky days are a plenty and can be expected from now until Christmas and all outdoor activities in gardens can be expected to cease.

Debt is now firmly part of my murky past - my bright future lies in saving and investing!

Garbage mounds and junk shops hem in the lake, its murky waters shared by lilies and plastic bottles.

Growing up in Cold War Australia in the 1960s, I was vaguely aware of this murky family past, though it was rarely talked about.

He was immersed in the dark murky water, surrounded with all types of sea creatures.

I squinted through the thick, murky black of the night, my eyes following the progress of the light.

I studied the murky water closely and was rewarded with a sudden surface turbulence that looked to be a fish.

In the murky world of international espionage, rumours abound about the credibility of his information.

In the murky world of seventeenth-century espionage and plotting, casual brutality was all too common fare.

Infrared is particularly effective for penetrating thick, murky regions of space and revealing what lies beyond.

It wasn't dark, just the murky light you get from storm clouds.

Like a finger jutting out into the murky waters of the Humber, the Inner Bull Nose used to be a good spot to watch the trawlers easing their way in and out of the river.

Look out for the wooden houses on stilts along the riverbank, in which many families still live, using the murky water of the Chao Praya for everything from drinking to washing.

Much of the image is washed-out and dark scenes are murky with poor shadow detail.

Noir is supposed to be morally murky , but few films approach the level of depravity present here.

ON A rain-lashed November day two years ago, a pleasure barge sailing up the River Hull clipped a large object, hidden beneath the murky waters.

Peering down into the murky water, I sensed that something terrifying lay beneath the surface.

Some grain and sometimes murky shadow detail are the only real flaws, but despite them the film looks very nice.

Stretching along the front of the stall was a tank of murky water in which a tangle of long, dark eels writhed.

The air was thick and murky , and she began to imagine horrible things coming for her.

The economic models for interactive TV services are murky and obscure in the best of circumstances.

The event highlights the murky grey area that exists for Hong Kong residents who get caught up in legal troubles on the mainland.

The film's attitude to these questions is murky at best.

The gravestones were barely seen through a thick layer of murky fog that encompassed everything it could get its claws around.

The sharks were circling me slowly in the dark, murky water.

The St. Mary's River is a wide channel of dark murky water.

The sun still shone but somehow it seemed murky and dulled.

The water was so murky I could not see anything but dark shapes.

Then, as the murky water recedes, it leaves behind slush and debris that could take weeks to be cleared.

These and other questions quiver in an atmosphere ever more murky with suspicion, doubt and fear.

This language of the plain and the crystal clear conceals the fact that we navigate in murky waters.

We don't see any flashbacks to the gory details, but the script makes it plain that this is a man with a murky past, who has indeed used his position to exploit his female students.

What little light that was given off was dulled to a murky yellow from the tobacco and smoke coming from the various pot and cigarette smokers in the room.

You breathe in and your lungs fill with a murky mist that threatens to choke the life right out of you.

You can't get them to go anywhere near nice, clean baths full of the stuff for weeks at a time, but show them a murky , grey septic tank and they will fall in it within seconds.