Example Of mobilize

And we're attempting to identify the components of our diet that mobilize these fatty acids.

at sea we will mobilize any amount of resources to undertake a rescue

Both types of rejection leave memory cells that remain in circulation to mobilize the immune system if the same foreign antigen is reintroduced.

But surgery is recommended for most hip fractures to mobilize patients, decrease complications, and speed the return to normal function.

doing yoga stretches to mobilize compacted joints

Each seeks to mobilize broader support through appeals to popular fears and prejudices.

For a brief time in the 1960s it seemed that governments might mobilize for the war on poverty, but enthusiasm did not last.

Forces of religion and nationalism can be rapidly mobilized by governments, however unsavory, against even well-intended invaders.

Furthermore, achievements of the Civil Rights movement have inspired immigrants to mobilize around their collective interests and identity.

He or she further divides the patient's peritoneum along the gallbladder to mobilize it before removing the cystic duct.

He said that the government should mobilize all of its political and economic resources to solve the region's problems.

he used the press to mobilize support for his party

How do you mobilize this most important resource for recovery?

In times of stress, for example, men mobilize less varied social supports than women do.

It is clear that the processes to mobilize our Army for war are in dire need of change.

It provides all the information necessary to mobilize Army Guard and Army Reserve units.

it would be hard for worker representatives to mobilize the workforce against the employers

Its purpose is to mobilise , manage, and disburse additional resources for the control, in the first instance, of HIV infection and AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria

Long blasts are to be used to summon the people to assembly, short blasts to mobilize the military troops.

Low-risk patients usually do not need prophylaxis if they are quickly mobilized .

Most of the problems that exist in the country today stem from the failure of this administration to effectively and efficiently mobilize that resource.

Russia is in no position to mobilize any time soon

The deluges of rain upon the volcano slopes, which may be augmented by melting ice, help to mobilize ash and debris flows (lahars).

The gel is applied topically to mobilize the fatty acids (stored body fat) and improve microcirculation and drainage in the applied area.

The Liberal government mobilized the Army, Navy, and even our own Air Force.

the physiotherapist might mobilize the patient's shoulder girdle

The processes of popular mobilization deployed by the two kinds of movement were basically quite similar.

The surgeon then uses the ultrasonic scalpel to mobilize the hepatic flexure by dividing the attachments.

These poses also help mobilize your knee joints by correcting the misalignment that occurs if your muscles are too tight.

This includes how the body stabilizes itself during activity and she offers a number of stretches to help mobilize the entire body.

We know also that a primitive marrow stem cell, or blood vessel wall cells mobilised from marrow, are able to repair heart muscle after damage from infarction.

Whatever inner resources people need to mobilize for recovery, they still can not accomplish the task alone.