Example Of meander

A couple of tracks meander aimlessly so that by the end of the album I'm left with the feeling that the band didn't quite know which direction to take.

a leisurely meander around the twisting coastline road

a leisurely meander round the twisting coastline road

A waterfall cascaded behind it, the tower surrounded by the pool at the foot of the falls, and a brook meandered away from it.

Aas soon as I let down my guard a thought of Gavin would meander into my brain and make as much noise as it could.

And yet Warm Water meanders aimlessly towards a sentimental conclusion, introducing eccentric characters along the way who are never followed up.

Another meander takes us into the house of a female healer.

As I did so, a figure walking along the road that curved gently with the land toward our farm and meandered past our house, caught my eye.

As we meandered towards the shoreline, my heart weighed heavy as the reality of my future appeared bleak.

Awkwardly sited on the river meander , the bridge has an uncomfortable relationship with the freeway.

Contributing to this impression was not only the shape-on-top-of-shape appearance but that work's random meander .

Flying in, I had been mesmerized by sinuous curves of sloughs and streams which wove together, then apart, meandering toward the gulf.

He allows plot points and characters to meander around meaninglessly, while avoiding obvious elements like purpose and plausibility.

He used that excuse to meander aimlessly around the cotton fields; sometimes, he would walk clear across the plantation, and sit between the rows for hours, just thinking.

I had just taken Claire home at around 11:00 a.m and was once again cruising around in my car, thoughts meandering around my head.

I will be writing about costs of living, food and booze on a slow meander in the sun.

In places the road will meander and curve to draw attention to the landscape.

Is it a main road or a road that meanders through many towns?

It just meanders along on nothing more than a song and a flourish of some pretty costumes.

Its springs and mountain streams feed large aquifers and the slender Humboldt River, which meanders nearly 400 miles west from its beginnings in the northeast corner of the state.

Meanwhile my thoughts drifted and sifted, meandering here and there as I thought about the people walking into the building, all dressed up.

Occasionally songs do meander and merge into one another, lost in the acoustic haze.

Omid took some time to meander and wander through the Game Developer Conference in San Jose last week.

Other tracks distinctly lack progression; a drum loop plods along with murky synth bass lines only to cut off suddenly, or meander without significant development or resolution.

Quite apart form this, a slow meander down the Siq establishes the mystery of this ‘lost’ city and builds up a sense of anticipation around every corner.

Sam's backyard was small in relative size to the field west of her house, the forest east of her house, and the river meandering through the back of the property.

She meandered the streets aimlessly, little sandals patting against the cobblestones - following half a thought and half a memory.

She stopped as she came to a small stream meandering through the dense undergrowth.

Shreve, in a move of astonishing hubris, decided in 1831 to dredge a five-mile shortcut across a long meander on the Mississippi, saving 18 river-miles.

The area grew and prospered during the Industrial Revolution, but it's now an oasis of green calm, where canals and rivers meander through hills dotted with sheep and dry-stone walls.

The Inn River meanders through the countryside like an unbroken silver thread.

The pair were quiet at first as they meandered through the people and streets.

The streets that he would have had to follow meandered all over town, and he could not afford to be seen.

Thoughts meandered through her brain, and they were quite unorganized.

Unfortunately, Allen can't maintain this consistent level of humor or energy, and Small Time Crooks begins to meander aimlessly.

We both followed the waitress as she meandered through the tables and booths.

We do get a little footage of him picking flowers outside his tract house, and meandering through a graveyard.

While her voice is still as silky as ever, it meanders without purpose, never grabbing and twirling the way that it has previously.