Example Of maniac

a gambling maniac

a homicidal maniac

a religious maniac

And they didn't do so out of some maniacal drive to accumulate a big pile of cash.

‘Yes, and I'm laughing like a maniac , too,’ Selas growled in response.

He grinned maniacally , raised his guitar to me one more time, and went back to his bandmates.

He had done his duty to the community by shutting up a wandering and probably dangerous maniac .

He is not a homicidal maniac , but a violent, evil man made even more so by his addiction to unnamed drugs.

He pounded one hand on my back, grinning like a maniac .

He screamed, running like a maniac to the side of my car.

He was a psychotic maniac who got what he deserved.

He was puffing slightly and grinning like a maniac .

He's not some crazy maniac , he's just somebody you would want to talk to.

I arose from bed to see why Stan yelled like a maniac .

I can almost see him, hunched over the drawing board, laughing like a maniac as each scene explodes into life before his eyes.

I don't endorse driving like a maniac , but yesterday I drove like one.

I ducked my head so I wouldn't start grinning like a maniac .

I just don't think at any stage they are going to be able to make a credible case that he is some sort of right-wing maniac .

I just laughed like a maniac , remembering previous events.

I know I am a paranoid, psychotic, evil maniac .

I lost several pounds and I looked like a maniac .

In the event that neither is true, feel free to laugh maniacally at me.

Instead, she is standing on a corner in Edinburgh's New Town, clutching a large, flowery bag, waving like a maniac .

It is the idiotic, inconsiderate and generally maniacal way people drive these days which is the problem.

Johnson starts roaring like a maniac , laughing like there's no tomorrow.

Lee was still on the phone giggling like a maniac .

Swinging around like a maniac would get me nowhere.

The driver was screaming like a maniac at this stage.

The kitchen table is an unruly heap of evidence as Jordan, maniacally smoking, tells her sprawling story.

when he sits in front of a PlayStation he transforms into a karate-choppin' maniac

Why anyone would have sympathy for such a stern, maniacal matriarch, I have no idea.

Why else would he steer so maniacally through congested traffic?