Example Of interrupts

A few minutes later, green sneakers interrupted my line of vision.

Activities were interrupted by World War II, with the army taking over much of the museum facilities from 1943 to 1946.

Adding the facades will cause tank crewmen to anticipate when the obstacles will obscure their view and interrupt their gun-target line.

All of a sudden, arguments were heard over the radio about the man's views of Norway in the form of bored voices interrupting each other in the dullest kind of way.

And half-walls make areas appear larger than they are, dividing space without interrupting lines of sight.

Before she had finished making up her part, Rose excitedly offered her suggestions, and had to be sternly told not to interrupt until Karen was finished.

By interrupting the view with a screen of shrubs or a fence, you can turn what would otherwise be just an annoyance into a voyage of discovery.

Enterprises won't consider any monitoring that interrupts network activity or compromises their business-critical information and systems.

Her attention was diverted by the waiter who brought her coffee, and she gave her order as the conversation at the next table got on in low tones until it too was interrupted by the waiter.

Here was land where nothing grew, not even a blade of grass, and no birds or any other sign of life interrupted the forbidding vistas.

His barrage of questions just kept coming until I interrupted him.

Hoss listened quietly and without interrupting until Adam had finished.

I mean, I do not want to interrupt you, but did you ever obstruct the inquiry?

I was about to add to her statement, until I was interrupted .

If she sees you whispering across the room she'll make a face at you as though you're interrupting her learning process.

In addition, the war interrupted the development of scholarship in Old Testament interpretation.

In East Africa's game sanctuaries, tourists interrupt critical activities like feeding and suckling of the young.

It is hard to imagine a more isolated and remote spot, set in the heart of the open Suffolk countryside where few landmarks interrupt the flat horizon.

Most people will be highly complimented if you don't interrupt them until they're through.

My father sent me to a boys' school in Manila; he was no longer willing, he said, to let the war interrupt my education.

My sincere apologies for interrupting whatever lesson or activity you were engaged in.

No big business has interrupted the creative process, and in turn our partners lie hungry.

On the night bus, stealthily ogling the East European porn-star lookalike across the aisle, my view was interrupted by someone sitting down next to me.

She interrupted him speaking softly in a determined voice.

She kept whispering her thanks until Alec finally interrupted her.

Some US officials have said they are examining ways to interrupt those activities.

Tall as it is, there are no pillars to hold up its glazed roof, or to interrupt the view of MSPs or their audience.

The architects even specified that plastered surfaces were to have no joint markings that would visually interrupt their continuity.

The election process was almost interrupted by hundreds of student protesters who forced their way into the university's central office where the elections took place.

The link was most clear in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea, when breathing may be interrupted because the upper airways collapse.

The north Irish Sea region was never so firmly absorbed, partly because the outbreak of the Anglo-Scottish wars in the 1290s interrupted the process.

The Second World War interrupted his studies still further when at the age of 18 he was called into the RAF, where he would stay for seven-and-a-half years.

The still surface was interrupted by something else floating nearby.

There are no powerlines to interrupt the vistas, and snowmobiles are not allowed on these trails, as they are on most others in the Black Hills.

There is a lot to tell you so please do not interrupt me until I am done.

These develop most commonly on gradients, where seepage of water down the slope through the surface soil is interrupted by barriers of rock, or of clay reaching or approaching the surface.

They both walked out of the classroom together, talking until they were interrupted by their own names being called.

Though it interrupts the vista, Conran cannot bring himself to cut it down.

War interrupted their courtship, but regular letters from Joyce kept their friendship alive and when George returned this blossomed into love and they married

We established the Horn of Africa Network three years ago and really since three years we haven't seen anything that stops or interrupts this process and we are happy with the achievements we did till now.

You have sun, sea, sand, and that's about it: no traffic noise, no pollution, no beach hawkers and nothing to interrupt your view of the horizon.