Example Of get

get another chair

get her!

get it?

get on your coat

get the form signed by a doctor

get yourself to the station early in the morning

All children occasionally get presents that they do not like and are instructed by their parents that they must seem delighted with them.

And when kids get into trouble, whose fault is it?

Anna has troubles of her own - including a little brother who's out to get her.

But I can assure you that I can get angry - very angry.

do you get cable television here?

do you get the picture?

don't get that floor dirty!

Dreams were destroyed when a person decided to get behind the wheel after drinking.

He'd suddenly start pouring out one idea after another so you couldn't get him away from your desk.

I get a lot of pleasure from reading books

I couldn't get it all into the box

I DJ and if anyone buys me a drink I always get a member of staff to bring it over to me.

I expounded this theory, and then, since it was a buffet lunch, went off to get some more food.

I need to get going

I said hello and took his arm, while his daughter took the other, and we managed to get him to the top of the steps.

I waited for her to calm down and get into a good position before telling me her dream.

I wish some publisher would get Dave to update it, and bring it back into print.

I'll get the truth out of him

I'll get you a drink

I'll get you for that!

I'm trying to get him all day

If a farmer had land on both sides of the road he had to get permission to bring them across that road.

If one parent isn't home to supervise the kids, kids get into trouble.

If you say anything to them you get abuse thrown back at you and it's becoming a disgusting area.

It came as a relief to his conscience as Jake moved, trying to get back on his feet.

it was nothing like the winters we get in Florida

let's get you home

Maybe if I get a better job and a decent night's sleep it'll bother me less.

Once that is established, the next move will be to get doctors to clean up their act.

Otherwise we send out for a Chinese or get something prepared for us downstairs.

she should get here soon

she'll get a prison sentence

to get a better idea of the situation

to get sth cheap

to get washed

wait until Dad comes home, then you'll get it!

We all eventually get sick, and then we all die.

We almost lost the school a few years ago and we do not want to get into that situation again.

we couldn't get a word out of her

we have to get to the nearest phone

what did you get for Christmas?

what did you get for the horse?

when did he get God?

where did you get the bike fixed?

you can get me at home if you need me

you don't want to get into debt

you won't get anywhere with that

you'll get used to it