Example Of gaunt

Cabooses are another fast disappearing symbol of the railways, those that remain are a gaunt remnant of the former glory of a bygone era.

Fields gave way to scattered woodlands, bare and gaunt against the early winter darkness.

He is a fair, gaunt man of Norwegian extraction, an international lawyer I think, and has a careful, courteous manner.

He juxtaposes these gaunt scenes with striking black-and-white shots of beaches and landscape.

He scoured the gaunt landscape as if his primordial authority was enough to plunge the lid of the monochrome building down to floor level to allow him a cowardly escape.

He was gaunt , his blond hair gone stringy, and his greasy tux fit the dress code only under the most generous interpretation.

He was gaunt and serious from the start, with minimal hand movements and only slightly gesticulating as he dipped into domestic policy issues.

He was gaunt from drinking too much vodka and his marriage was on the skids.

Henry's gaunt figure came into the rim of light cast by the desk lamp.

Her elfin face was thin and angular, almost gaunt , with a small, straight nose.

His face was gaunt , his eyes and his cheekbones hollow.

His hair was limp and unruly, his once cheerful blue eyes were cold and distant, and he was gaunt and tired-looking from the burden he now had to carry.

In a gaunt and craggy landscape the soft, well-rounded Magdalen weeps over her past.

Its twisted trunk and mangled branches resembled a terrifyingly gaunt person arching their back in immense agony.

John was a tall, gaunt man with sunken eyes and a smile that spoke of shyness.

More than 80,000 fans filled the big, gaunt ground.

Now he is so thin he looks almost gaunt .

On the tram ride out you pass building sites and the gaunt trusses of an overgrown railway bridge.

One, by the very nature of theatre in the round, is a sense of the house itself as a gaunt , intimidating presence.

Seven miles of bleak shoreline separate Cobra Mist and the gaunt Martello tower at Shingle Street.

She brought choice cuts of meat to the porter's dog, and ordered full meals for the gaunt nuns who came to collect alms at awkward hours of the day.

She was gaunt , painfully thin, expressionless, wearing a sleeveless top, dark pants, and sandals.

She was achingly gaunt , her skin pasty white, the lines of her face stark and startling in their prominence.

She was very gaunt and fairly pale, but her personality was like the glowing stars.

The light from outside the table cast an odd glare on his face, making his face look gaunt .

The moon had finally moved far enough over the high walls of the pass to cast some of its gaunt white light down into the narrows below.

The newer ones may be concrete and 15 or 20 stories high - gaunt , ugly buildings on an inhuman scale.

The priest's gaunt figure dissolved into the shadows beyond the kitchen door.

The tall buildings flickered with a glow of white, gaunt towers rising like obelisks in the night thrusting towards a heaven that would forever elude them.

Then I just noticed how skinny he was, almost gaunt .

Wherever I played football, the huge gaunt stadium was always the touchstone of my career, the place where I came home to show my people that I could still do the job.

Windsor Castle stood out, gaunt and noble in the mist.

With Ahmed as our guide, we are taken to a gaunt , dilapidated building.