Example Of gasp

"You guys, " she gasped through her laughter.

All I could hear was my own breath, coming in gasps .

Amid the gasps from the audience, the senators' faces drained of smugness.

As he finished saying this, he heard a soft gasp for air, and delayed breathing.

As the city gasps for fiscal air, it's only fair to be clear that the city's budget difficulties are a result of provincial mendacity and not local mismanagement.

As we pulled up in front of the estate, I heard her soft gasp of surprise.

Despite their gloom, the girls gasped in amazement.

Emily's hand came up to cover her mouth as she stifled a gasp of surprise.

Even though his windpipe was nearly crushed, he managed to gasp a single word.

He gasped softly and opened his mouth several times before quickly recovering himself.

He ran back, through the cold wind, barely able to gasp his request for a Bible.

He winced at her startled, horrified gasp and continued.

Her breathing became shallower, short gasps for the air she needed in her lungs.

His breath came in short gasps as he walked on and on, driven by an insane energy, till he finally reached the riverside.

I gasped slightly in pain and watched him stride away.

I completely lose all sense of where I am and begin to panic, gasping for air and taking in large amounts of warm Caribbean sea.

I covered my mouth, trying to muffle and stifle my horrified gasp .

I nearly gasp out loud, one hand flying back to my mouth.

In spite of the collected gasp from the crowd, he took it well.

In the early songs it's nothing but pain, but in the sultry love ballads, the hurting man gasps his sigh of relief and release.

Pain coursed through her body, but she did not have a mouth to gasp in pain with.

She gasps with the pain of the gun barrel in her ribs.

She let out a small, involuntary gasp of surprise.

She nearly gasped out loud at this insult.

She tried to gasp an apology, but my hand stopped her lips from moving.

Slowly opening the box, I almost gasped out loud.

Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly.

Some, including both our witnesses, cursed us between gasps of breath for dragging them up ‘some crazy hill’ on a hot summer's day.

The audience gasped audibly at a few of these.

The county has been adrift and buffeted since the break-up of the team of the past decade and now they are gasping for air.

The crowd gasped in surprise, but soon resumed their incessant cheering.

The other men gasped at the sight, and charged at him.

There was an audible gasp from their audience, and justly so.

When I saw what he had been hiding, a startled gasp escaped my lips.

When the daughter walked into the front room she saw her mother lying on the floor, unconscious and gasping for air.

Where the movie flops on its back and gasps for air is in its fight sequences, which are so choppily and confusingly staged that I quickly gave up trying to follow 'em.

With each gasp for breath, the wolves became more and more tired.

Without warning, he pulled his adversary's hood down, which drew a collective gasp from the crowd.