Example Of frame

a frame narrator reports the narrative spoken by an inner narrator

a shiver shook her slim frame

a short style cut to frame the face

Against this backdrop of anarchy and violence, politicians attempting to frame the country's new democracy are floundering.

an old bicycle frame

As I was looking around, I noticed a very beautiful golden frame with a picture of the band together.

As you approach the door to the street, the picture in a frame on the wall nearest you disappears and is replaced by a weather report.

At the end of the film, the frame freezes and the lead actors real names and character names appear one at a time.

Bohn put the game away with a strike on his first ball in the final frame .

Every single beautiful frame of this film is romantically and emotionally charged.

For inertial frames, it implies the speed of light is not relative to the frame, but duration is relative to the frame .

For Newton there had once been a true uncorrupted monotheistic religion, in which the frame of the world had been studied, as he believed it should, as the true temple of a living God.

For we know that if the earthly frame that houses us today should be demolished, we possess a building which God has provided - a house not made of human hands, eternal, and in heaven.

Glass threw a strike on his first ball in the 10th frame and needed only eight pins to take home the trophy.

He claimed another criminal who ran a cannabis farm with Taylor was behind the killing, but that detectives manipulated evidence to frame him.

He lay in bed looking out of that window, seeing the bougainvillea frame a picture of two golfers at the fifth tee.

he walked out before she could frame a reply

Heaven forbid that anyone should have a free second or film frame devoid of musical accompaniment.

His clothes clung to his muscular frame and goosebumps ran over his entire body.

His giant frame swivels round searching for signs of insubordination.

I leaned against the frame of the door and held my head in my hands.

I sighed and reached for her, taking her into my arms and holding her tightly, as her slim frame shuddered and shook with the erupting tears.

In the residential industry, some basement floors are cast before the frame of the building is installed.

Instead, you need to frame and word your question precisely to get what you want.

It assumed this flesh in the same way that the blood vessels provide a frame for the flesh and carry the blood, yet are not themselves blood.

It is true that Perelman did not frame his idea in political and critical terms, and that he may have been surprised to see it appropriated in such a way.

It would seem, in fact, that not a single frame of film has been left on the cutting room floor.

Most other timber-frame systems here use traditional masonry on top of the structural frame of the building.

my poems look as though they have a classical frame

Nor does he bother with minor matters: his interest is only in the larger issues, so it pays to frame questions accordingly.

She closed the door behind his large frame , then leaned back against and closed her eyes, emotionally drained.

She frequently hires Tucker to mount and frame art images she finds in publications and on postcards.

She gathered her courage and tapped at the frame of the screen door.

She was small, with a slender frame - built for speed rather than power, she thought impassively.

the frame of verbs of perception

The administration is trying to frame a guilty man and lead a lynch mob to execute him.

The comic strip ends with a frame featuring an aged Bible John wandering the streets of Glasgow in the present day.

The delicate procedure saw a crane winch the wooden frame on top of the building before workmen set about ensuring every beam was in the right place.

the Earth's motion relative to the frame of the distant galaxies

The light alloy rear body is fitted with a canvas roof over a supporting frame .

The pleading look on his face, the rags on his body and his emaciated frame move you so much that you immediately put a coin on the outstretched hands.

The Puritans - who sought to frame their lives according to God's Word and were Edwards' spiritual forebears - wrote a great deal about this subject.

The use of the linguistic frame ‘as A said to B’ is therefore potentially infinitely productive, even if examples are ephemeral, singular, and difficult to collect.

the wooden frame of the huge bed

Their influence provides a frame for human action and its casual consequences.

Then, in the comic's final frame , Cathy says, ‘At least we'll always have the prints.’

These terms and concepts provide the frame for his thoughtful analysis.

They have a thin metal frame with slightly tinted lenses for bright light absorption and 100 % UV protection.

This beautiful, decrepit city is at its most breathtaking at night, when thousands of lights of the houses on the surrounding hills frame and light up the bay.

To me, the ability to feel comfortable with power over the lives of others is not part of life's basic frame .

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Wednesday the workmen arrive to frame up the room, drywall it, paint it, and put up shelves.

What are the arguments and positions needed to formulate and frame the ensuing public policy debate?

While the overall pattern follows the reference frame main effect, responses to relative frame differed as a function of condition.

You can pause the movie on any frame to see that individual picture.

You would definitely frame your words in your own way and pray to the Lord for me.