Example Of figure

figure 1 shows an ignition circuit

a backpacked figure appeared in the distance

a dark figure emerged from the shadows

a dark figure slipped past him

An exemplary soldier, freedom fighter, potter or weaver could also figure in the list.

As Dan turned, the slim figure hurled him bodily against the far wall.

At 82, he remains a tall, dashing figure and a serious charmer.

by 1998, this figure had risen to 14 million

Cobain became the figurehead, the cult figure , the hero to some.

Congratulations also to Spa and Glenflesk also for winning the All Ireland also in set dancing and figure dancing.

Constable is one of the few major artists to figure in Bermingham's narrative.

Every melodic figure had its replica, every phrase, its counterpoise in his music.

geometric figure

he became a hate figure

He couldn't sleep at night, only thinking of her slim and attractive figure with a good-natured mind.

he's sporting a fuller figure

He's up there with Jacques Chirac in terms of being a durable figure on the world stage.

he's watching his figure

her songs figure in the charts

Here we are confronted with the first of many social dilemmas which are to figure in the young Carver's life.

His chief European rival, Saint-Exupéry, was a complex but more attractive figure .

How well you handle them will figure in any estimate of your future potential.

human figure

I figure that a bodybuilder has to eat at least six times a day to grow, which is 42 meals a week.

I figure that if I stand around and look helpless, someone will at least offer to buy me a drink.

I can't figure why she'd be here

I didn't figure in his plans

I saw a figure in the distance walking with a pronounced limp.

In the 18 months since the meters were introduced, they had not even managed to bring in half of the break-even figure of about £4,500.

Included are figure dancing, solo dancing, recitations, music and novelty acts.

Isolated characters figure in two of the most interesting of the several Asian films.

It may seem obvious, but when the human figure is portrayed in art, it is either clothed or naked.

It would figure that this great hog, this glorified genre gourmand, would want more.

it's too small to figure on the map

Mark's heart was pounding as a hooded figure appeared in front of him.

Men in York, meanwhile, reach, on average, 75.7 and don't figure in the top 50 at all.

Most Irish figure dancing or step dancing is carried on behind closed doors.

Occasionally, we spot a lone figure emerging on the horizon.

Of the two former Celtic managers Jansen, currently director of scouting at Feyenoord, may figure in the search again.

One of them, Argentinian striker Gustavo Fuentes, may even figure in the squad to face Rangers this evening.

she gave me a rough figure

she had always been so proud of her figure

she was like a mother figure for some

Teenager James Reveley, son of trainer Keith, and grandson of Mary, can figure in the spotlight at Chester tomorrow.

the figure 7

The college's intake from state schools is 94 per cent compared with last year's figure of 89 per cent.

The main figure on whom Baxter relied was Randall.

the mug had the figure of a cat

The pants really flattered her figure .

The state of the economy and of the overall battle against terrorism should also figure in a major way.

The three survivors stood in silence as a lone figure appeared in the dark shadows of the doorway.

They figure that the more control they have over applications, the more they'll be able to charge.

They don't want you to know that reps are working about 20 to 30 hours a week while pulling down close to six- figure salaries.

Through the blur of the falling rain, Tracy notices a hooded figure dressed in black.

What he could say for sure, as of last Wednesday, was that Barry Ferguson would not figure in a summer deal to free up cash.

When I did awake I noticed a shadowy figure standing over me.

Williams became something of a cult figure