Example Of fancy

After several years, I recently noted that I only really fancy my girlfriend after I've had a few drinks.

Besides, you can get her to burn copies for you on her fancy computer.

But if you fancy a more adventurous evening and want to enjoy a full range of nightlife activities Pattaya is just a few minutes down the coast.

Carême excelled at these artistic flights of fancy , which is probably why Bailly gave him the freedom to indulge in his quest for knowledge.

China's diplomatic machine has spared no effort, making sure that African leaders do not view its interest as a passing fancy .

Crowds of people were already there, all wearing fancy dresses and expensive looking suits.

Few pundits could resist comparing high dotcom stock prices to the historic craze for fancy flowers.

Golden cherry love-birds, English fowls, pigeons, fancy poultry birds - the range is really amazing.

He considers my idea of priesthood just a fancy .

I fancy a stiff drink this lunchtime to steady my nerves!

I earned my pocket money in my teens by supplying the local area with eggs, and I kept a few fancy chickens as pets.

I know you want me to have this big fancy wedding with six hundred people but I don't want that.

I really fancy ice skating in Dublin sometime soon.

I would rather attend my flustered and excited friend's big fancy wedding, then attend my own.

If enlightened despotism was a passing fancy , it must also be admitted that not all the philosophes agreed with the virtues of political liberalism either.

If you fancy a little more privacy, the peninsula boasts a number of secluded coves… just ask a resident where to find and access these hidden gems.

If you fancy a walk after the Christmas dinner one could do worse than join a sponsored five-mile walk to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

If you and your friends fancy a full four-course dinner for ten people prepared and served in your very own home by the catering team at the Airport, then you must head to this gala night and put your bid in.

If you suspect that the room's theme may be nothing more than a passing fancy , limit purchases to items that are easy to replace or require little investment.

In Domingo's view, the operatic boom Spain has suffered has nothing to do with a passing fancy .

It includes the feeling that I love his company, I love the things we do together, and I seriously fancy him.

It is by these special touches that the author infuses the books with the spirit of humanity, without which a fantasy becomes an empty fancy .

It is the showcase for dozens of fancy chocolate candies and brightly colored cookies, packaged in plastic bags or wooden boxes.

It went ‘Funny How the girls you fall in love with don't fancy you, Funny how the ones you don't do.’

It's not your fancy computer wizardry that counts here, but solid craftsmanship.

No matter which one of them you fancy that seems generous.

Now the reason we decided to get married was not for the big fancy wedding reception or for the ring or for the presents.

On the less serious side, outrageously expensive afternoon teas in fancy hotel become de rigueur.

Once my eyes adjusted to the light, I was shocked to find that I was in a fancy room that was decorated with fake fur, velvet, muslin, satin, and angora.

Only real talent endures, and the other stuff is passing fancy .

She couldn't stop looking at the fancy carvings in the walls, and at the stained glass windows.

She headed across the street and down, past the fancy restaurants and another hotel.

She'd considered a fancy carving or sculpture of the gods, like many others; it didn't seem to have any meaning, though.

So if you fancy a drink in surroundings with a difference, and like the idea of going from flower power to power suits in a few hundred yards, Bar Talk knows the place for you.

So, if you're looking to take a short romantic break, or just fancy a change of scenery for the weekend, why not get yourself down to Florida and book a Bahamas cruise.

Some of us then go to the hotel's fancy restaurant; it's an all-Indian menu.

Synge could have done with an editor to shorten some of his flights of fancy .

The bridge was vast, with fancy leather seats and bright, flashing computer systems manned by a lot of important-looking people.

The dining room was crowded with large round tables and was ornately decorated with fancy paintings and exquisite chandeliers.

The sprawling garden was festooned with fancy illuminations and aesthetically decorated flower baskets.

The trait that breeders of fancy mice wanted first and foremost was docility.

The wise man, however, spoke of love, not a passing fancy .

There are dolls to capture the fancy of people of all ages, and especially the young at heart.

There was loud music, and tons of fancy decorations.

They had a nice selection of fancy sandwiches, soups and breakfast foods.

They seem to fancy that the trendy outfits that adorn their children will become the talk of the town.

They were decorated with fancy napkins and tablecloths.

They were made of long wool fibers that were first combed to straighten them, spun tightly then woven in fancy weave structures.

This does not require any fancy computer software or an advanced degree in accounting.

Towering over everything else was a large palace with fancy carvings all over it.

We can't do all the fancy things on the computer that they do on TV, but we can Google-search.

While oohing and aahing over the stars, we fancy that those are the same constellations that the ancient Greek philosophers once admired and pondered over.

With images that stir such flights of fancy , it's no wonder that Scotland's far-flung locations are a magnet for film-makers.

Women were always coming on to him and trying to impress him with their fancy clothes and too much makeup, trying to get close to him because of his celebrity status.