Example Of depressio

depression of the plunger delivers two units of insulin

A pretty astounding year for debut albums too, despite the doom and gloom and depression that allegedly is swamping the music industry.

A small number of people suffer from depression so severe that they may need to be admitted to hospital.

After a prolonged agricultural depression lifted in the 1890s, the worst of rural poverty was finally dispelled.

After sunset, as the depression of the sun increases the sky gets darker and darker until no scattered light reaches the observer.

Antipyschotics may also be used to treat severe cases of depression accompanied by psychosis.

As such it is effective in changing symptoms of depression and despondency to those of cheerfulness and hopefulness.

But since the mid-1990s, the cotton market has experienced chronic price depression .

clinical depression

Cyclonic weather with a depression centred over the UK can cause unsettled conditions in both winter and summer.

Despite the severity of the depression in the international economy, standards of living did not show correspondingly steep falls.

Don't allow yourself the luxury of falling into depression and cynicism and despair.

Feelings of depression and despair are common.

He fell in love with a young woman who was engaged to another man and whose death provoked a prolonged period of depression .

Homeopathy is used in the treatment of most physical complaints and also mental and emotional sufferings such as ADD, prolonged grief and depression .

I can't blame depression or unhappiness or discontent.

I'm angry because I feel like this generation is being ravished by depression and despair.

It felt unsettling because we as the audience are accustomed to sadness, depression and irrational outbursts in typical movies that deal with death.

It is usually sunken into a depression so that the rim is level with the ground.

It over looked some sort of depression in the land.

Moodiness contributes to sadness and depression , unpredictable mood swings and fidgeting, especially among the opposite sex.

On the western end of the beach is a large, grassy mound with a shallow depression in the top. This is the site of a prehistoric fortification, or broch.

One factory cited a continuous price depression of about 10-15% (or a year on 5% decrease) in the past few years.

Only in 1930-31 did it become apparent that the world was in the throes of a prolonged and deep depression .

Overall, the price depression has predisposed subsistence farmers to serious problems of survival and financial constraints.

Patients may suffer from anxiety, depression and reactive adjustment disorders.

self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression

she suffered from clinical depression

the depression in the housing market

the depression of prices

The general national mood can only be described as one of prolonged depression .

The mood among local farmers is depression , despair and devastation, and there is no end in sight.

The original site was a depression adjoining the river, which automatically became a swamp frequented by water birds in the wet times.

The prolonged depression of the 1880s increased the pressure for change.

The severe and prolonged depression of the 1890's resulted in the decline of the slate industry and only a few men were employed.

The stone includes a depression on its concave surface where the practitioner's finger was inserted in order to assist in applying force.

These tiny flowers offer nectar in a shallow median depression on the lip surface.

This may be particularly relevant to women suffering from severe depression , especially if they were resident in a psychiatric unit.

Thus various stages of twilight are defined in terms of the solar depression angle, in degrees.

Tiredness might have played its part, but the sense of dejection and depression emanating from the studio clouded the whole broadcast.

Using the back of a spoon, make a shallow depression in the centre, and build up the sides as high as you can.

We are too prone to judge ourselves by our moments of despondency and depression .

When I came home from Wales I was struck by horrible feelings of doom, depression , general low spirits and a sense of self-loathing.

Yet, the final outcome - an economic depression - would have been exactly the same.