Example Of decreeing

A six year tax exemption was decreed to peasants who occupied and worked farms abandoned in the Thirty Years War.

As a result governments long ago decreed fluid milk sold to the public must be pasteurised.

At the same time an amnesty was decreed for all those who had fought for freedom under the Ancien Régime.

Authorities decreed a 90-day period before foot and mouth restrictions could be lifted.

But the executive has decided otherwise, and has decreed that smoking should be banned in all public places.

California passed a law 20 years ago decreeing a proportion of cars would have to be electric powered.

Finally, it is also decreed that the crimes of rape and attempted rape will be severely punished.

For 91 years, Nebraska state law decreed that black-tailed prairie dogs be eradicated annually.

In a move to whip up popular support, he decreed the Union to be abolished.

The Colonial government decreed that such people not be permitted to leave the province.

The General was sentenced to 46 years in prison, the longest sentence decreed by the court.

The government decreed that cases of political violence would be tried henceforth by military courts.

The government has decreed a sharp rise in taxation for the multinational oil companies.

The government has decreed that importing second-hand cars would damage the local market.

The more contentious of the two is the Women's Reservation Bill, which decrees a one-third reservation of parliamentary seats for women.

The new Nazi government decreed a forced sale, for a pittance, of the main Alt Aussee house.

They didn't manage it and the courts have decreed the Korean chaps forfeit the money.

Trouble brewed unexpectedly when Lieutenant-Governor William Hobson decided to investigate the legal ramifications of such a major grab, decreeing any land sales made after 30th January 1840 to be null and void.

Within a few hours he had issued Directive No. 25, decreeing Yugoslavia's obliteration and assigning secondary roles in its conquest to Italy and Hungary.