Example Of colourless

At room temperature, formaldehyde is an extremely reactive colorless gas with a suffocating odor.

Because carbon dioxide is colorless , odorless and disperses immediately into the air, few realize how much spills out of tailpipes and smokestacks.

Beyond that, her soprano is strangely colorless , and her projection of the text flat and matter-of-fact.

Carbon monoxide injuries and deaths occur when levels of the tasteless, odorless and colorless gas build up in poorly ventilated spaces where a carbon-based fuel is burned.

Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, and is produced when gas fails to burn completely.

Depression is not beautiful and romantic; it's dismal and colourless and sad and boring.

Did this man whose entire life has been spent as an office worker in dull and colorless businesses in rural Pennsylvania just suddenly have a Walter Mitty fantasy that happened to come true?

Ethene is a colorless gas that can be collected from natural gas and crude oil.

Everything is a uniform shade of grey, built out of old power station parts and conduits, populated by drab, colourless people.

He had tiny, tiny little eyes, and pale colorless and limp hair, that was badly in need of a cutting.

His colorless mediocrity exemplifies why I lost interest in the team.

His cheeks were colorless and the sweat trickled from his brow.

His family life was dreary; his married life colourless .

His skin was, sure enough, pale and colorless .

I knew that when he said that my face went more colorless than it already is except for red across my cheeks.

I turned him round and his lips were blue, his eyes were colourless and he was lifeless.

It has been characterised as an era of colourless politicians, ill-judged initiatives in foreign policy, tentative reforms, parliamentary corruption, and economic weakness.

It is a colourless gas produced by the decay of organic matter such as raw sewage, oils, and salt water.

It's so colourless , so dull, so hellish here, a very poor substitute for what I've lost.

Life without restriction is, colorless , jaded, and uninspired.

Pale, almost colorless eyes looked out from under thin brows.

Radon condenses to a clear, colorless liquid at its boiling point and then freezes to form a yellow, then orangish red solid.

Radon is a naturally occurring colourless , odourless gas that is emitted from rocks containing minerals rich in the transuranic elements.

Seldom in world history can so much power have been wielded by such an apparently colourless character.

She knew that without Davie her world would be colorless and dull.

Some of the actors deliver their lines so colorlessly I want to slow the speed down to make the drama and delivery more interesting.

The country has had a coalition government of right and left parties for some time, which has increasingly been criticised for being too colourless and weak.

The distilled essential oil is colourless or tinged very pale yellow so it does not stain.

The light was harsh, the sky was flat and colourless and there were no clouds.

They have a talented squad, but their performances are so often colourless and mediocre.

Thick, curling eyelashes shaded her lowered eyes, standing against dark yet colorless cheeks.

This colorless , solid cream works to temporarily fill in lines and large pores, and leaves a soft, opalescent finish that feels very silky.

This does not mean that his account is bland and colourless , but he is striving for scholarly objectivity and clarity as far as that is possible under the circumstances.

Unlike many of the colourless characters in golf, there is much more to him than putting and winning tournaments.

Visually, it's as exciting as a soap opera: flat and colourless .

What we saw that day was colourless , dull and unimaginative.

When it leaves the still, tequila, like most spirits, is colorless .

With rather thin lips and colorless cheeks, he bore the distinguished face of an ailing man.