Example Of cast

a bell was cast for the church

A plaster mold was made when the body parts were to be cast in bronze metal because molten bronze would destroy a rubber mold.

Across the globe, attempts to cast off the shackles of capitalist oppression met similar fates.

An actor can be cast against type and pull out an astounding performance.

An albino displayed in Paris in 1744 at an exhibition cast such a spell over the public that even Voltaire wrote an extensive description of the case.

An all-male cast of actors is performing one of Shakespeare's favourite comedies in the middle of a Cotswold village at the weekend.

And those that are intended to amuse oneself at the cost of others should definitely be cast away on the rubbish heap.

As an international co-production, the film also heavily features American actors in the cast .

Beneath the cloudy sky, the green and blue shade cast by the giant trees fell in a mottled pattern on the forest floor.

Bottom couple dance together up the middle of the set, and cast out and down the outside back to places.

But criminal law experts have cast doubt on whether her actions amount to a crime under English law, and a prosecution seems unlikely.

But, because of the efforts of the crew and every one of those actors in the cast , the film was completed.

By 500BC, evidence of a Zodiac had been found and introduced, and personal horoscopes were being cast .

Every part in this production was well cast , and each actor plays his or her role ably.

First cast , the fly landed lightly, then drifted downstream for about three yards.

For nearly a century, the text to be printed was cast in hot metal, using monotype to set single characters or linotype to set text line by line.

he cast his net far and wide in search of evidence

Helmet-mounted lights cast less shadow, which can mess with your depth perception.

His arm goes back for a mighty cast of the lance.

His own fault he hides, as a cheat hides an unlucky cast of the die.

His voice took on a low and serious cast .

However there is more than meets the eye as the sculpture is actually a bronze cast realistically painted.

I swung the rod out for a cast

In this kind of world, the weak and feeble minded are cast to the side to die an unambiguous death, while the strong and wise go on to live a fruitful, long life.

It is always great impertinence in a huntsman to pretend to make a cast himself, before the hounds have made theirs.

It is an all too common fallacy that anglers fishing havens such as the Ebro only have to bait a line, cast it in and the fish, both large and numerous will duly oblige!

Its rays of light cast eerie shadows that danced on the wall and the ceiling.

Judy narrowed her eyes, cast a critical look at the laughing woman standing next to a small, plump girl, and threw the picture in the box.

Later he had his works cast in bronze and sometimes added elements in welded steel.

Many cast a line off the stern door at night to fish, sometimes not that successfully.

Most of the cast had their lines memorized, except for Dan, of course.

Needless to say, this puts a substantially different cast on things.

Reaching the age of eighteen was quite significant for me, as it allowed me the opportunity to cast my first parliamentary vote.

Relatively unknown Canadian actors round out the cast , and you won't find fault with any one of them.

Right from the outset, the police cast doubt on the sabotage theory.

Ryann cast him a mournful glance, before walking back to the kitchen.

she cast down her eyes

she had a somewhat masculine cast of countenance

She was short, with heavy thighs, bad legs, and a cast in one eye.

Steel can be cast into bars, strips, sheets, nails, spikes, wire, rods or pipes as needed by the end user.

the antlers are cast each year

the colors he wore emphasized the olive cast of his skin

the colours he wore emphasized the olive cast of his skin

The company needs to gain 75 per cent of the vote that is cast at a general meeting in August.

The doctor lowered his weapon as his eyes cast a cold look around the camp.

The emotional meeting cast new light on the islanders' historic role and the impact their brief meeting with Kennedy had on their lives.

There is one exception to this behaviour, and that is the specialised hermit crab Parugrita, which uses a crack in the reef or a discarded tubeworm cast as a home.

They were cast as self-interested actors desperate for an escape from poverty, happy to embrace whatever the developed world could offer.

This captain of the ship decides to cast anchor after leaving Java because of a storm.

Those who could afford it wore medals struck in silver, but the ordinary people purchased medals cast in less expensive metals.

Toby shook his head and cast a quick, worried glance in Indy's direction.

Was it scary when you realised you were cast as an actress who was called the most beautiful woman in the world?

When the pack loses the scent, the huntsman will cast the hounds again.

When they have lost all their money they will play for their houses, their land, and their wives even, whose destiny often depends on a cast of the dice.

Will the resident antipathy towards America in other spheres be cast in the same style?

Without adequate meditation, she wouldn't have enough magic energy to cast a spell.