Example Of blondest

A blonde woman sat at the wheel, her hair pulled back in a heavy ponytail.

At that moment, a short blonde woman walked into the classroom.

Besides she is blond , and that's my colouring too.

Ford dug his hands into the blond fur around its neck to hold on.

He admitted they were beautiful; all the males were tan and muscular and the females were blonde and extremely thin.

He had light yellow eyes and long blond hair tied back as well.

He had the same pale face and white blonde hair that he had.

He played with that idea awhile, coming up with possible scenarios to connect the stocky blonde woman with his current assignment.

He wanted me to have a different kind of a part, not just the beautiful blonde woman.

He was about six feet tall with wavy blonde hair and fair skin.

Her eyes are a beautiful dark blue that stand out against her pale skin and blonde hair.

Her long blonde hair was so pale that it was nearly silver.

His blondish brown hair was shaggy, and hung down to his glasses.

His blue eyes narrowed as his high-planed face hardened, and even his bleached blond hair seemed to bristle.

His mother smiled, her curly blondish hair seeming the perfect frame for her youthful, forty-year-old face.

His pale, blond hair stuck out unkemptly, almost looking silvery under the dim light.

I mean, it's bad enough the media portrays that we should be blonde , blue-eyed and skinny.

I was expecting a very large old woman with a stick and bleached blond hair.

Immediately, Paul straightened his shoulders, swept his hair back, and sauntered over to the young blonde woman.

It looks like the blonde woman was more than a passenger.

It managed to compliment her pale skin and golden blond hair.

It really didn't matter what you looked like - you could be blonde , blue-eyed or dark-skinned, dark-haired.

My boss, a young blonde woman who always wore a tuxedo-style business suit, stood outside the office, posting a sign.

Of course I was a blue-eyed blonde baby.

Oh, he had Sean's coloring, being blond and grey-eyed, but his face was a little rougher around the edges.

She had blondish hair I believe, and I couldn't see her eyes too well because she was wearing glasses.

She had pale blonde hair pulled into a bun and large hazel eyes.

She had pale, ashy blonde hair, of frail build with fair skin and sky blue eyes.

She was standing in between a Hispanic man and a blonde woman.

Someone was getting out of the car on the passenger side, and a blonde woman with a surprised look behind her glasses sat still in the driver's seat.

The blonde man was thrown backwards of his horse; dark coloured steed that refused to panic in the following chaos.

The blonde woman looked annoyed, William though looked murderous.

The door opened to reveal a blonde woman… the girl from last night.

The man in question he said was about 170 centimetres tall, of fairly solid build, with short blondish beach-coloured hair.

The pretty blonde woman with eyes like Matt's gestured to Leanne.

They are tiny, maybe a year old, and both have fair blonde hair and pale skin.

They ascended into the elevator, along with one other couple consisting of a very pretty blonde woman and dashing brunette man.

They slashed at his legs and horse, and Julius plunged his sword into the nearest man, a beast covered in blond fur.

Two other passengers, a young blonde woman, and her father boarded.

When she finally found her seat (it was in the front row), a pale girl with long blonde hair looked up and nodded at her.

Which I don't really need to do anyway, thanks to Father's blond genes.

With her bleach blond hair and pale skin, she looks like a reincarnate of Marilyn Monroe in army boots.

With its blue-eyed, blonde haired leads, does the film cast a slight Aryan look?

You've taught me a lot about the harmony of colours and I can see that I'm blonde .