Example Of believe

Again, faith seems to me to be manifest in both a commitment to believe and mere mental inertia.

Although the City didn't quite think that was true, they were inclined to believe him.

Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead

Culture concerns beliefs and practices and we are responsible for what we believe and do.

don't believe those lies

Experts believe that these extreme weather events are likely to become much more frequent.

Faith is in crisis because few really believe and those that do are regarded as lunatics.

God asks us to overcome what we cannot see, take a leap of faith and believe and trust in him.

He asked me to meet him and I believe that was on the same day as the telephone call.

he didn't believe her

he didn't believe her or didn't want to know

He said smoking was traditional and many men would not believe it affected their health.

His team-mates believed the story was genuine because it suited them to believe it.

humu-humu are, I believe, shrimp fritters

I believe it's true

I believe that this was the first time I truly understood the power of good branding.

I believe we've already met

I don't believe a word he says

In fact, the Trust believes the solution to many of our problems lies in the hands of managers.

It may well matter what we believe , and it does matter what beliefs the churches teach.

Let us go into this article with a plain mind of understanding to achieve the holy will of our Lord in whom we believe .

Many people will not believe you, which shows that they understand you all too well.

She also refuses to believe her when my friend says that people speak English in Trinidad.

she didn't believe me

some 23 per cent believe that smoking keeps down weight

there are those on the fringes of the Church who do not really believe

We all know this to be true, but cannot help believe a miracle diet will make losing the weight so much easier.

What I think is so remarkable about these stories is that we can so very easily believe them.

Why do people with a religion start to stop thinking and start believing ?