Example Of attenuated

A careful study of the subject in 1992 concluded that partisanship, however attenuated , still operates, leading most voters to screen out unwelcome or divergent political messages.

As we get further away from cataclysmic events, their ability to inspire terror becomes attenuated .

But in the past decade the differences between political parties have become attenuated , with left and right squashed together in a moderate, neoliberal middle.

Elongated and gracefully swaying, the doll-like figure is all sensuous curves, seemingly kept from tipping over by two fingers braced against an attenuated , bare-boned tree trunk that acts as a kind of stage prop.

Giacometti described his attenuated figures as existing on the edge of perception, as if they just came into view on a hazy horizon.

If these young adults, ten or fifteen years after their confirmation, are largely remaining Catholic, their Catholicism can look increasingly attenuated .

In his art, he didn't try to reconcile, dilute, or exacerbate differences, which could have led to the attenuated effects of pastiche.

Next, density gave way to linearity in attenuated sculptures with inaccessible catwalks, platforms, and doorways.

Out of discarded torch cases, car parts and other scrap metal, they melt and forge, hammer, sculpt and create beautiful metal icons: attenuated figurines that bear a strong resemblance to the works of Brancusi and Modigliani.

Second-generation Pakistani Americans tend to travel to Pakistan less frequently as ties become attenuated .

The colors are usually dimmed down, sometimes runny at the edges, sometimes wrung out, both harsh and attenuated , with a blurred nod to Vuillard, Munch and possibly Kirchner.

The faculty are not alone in this loss; members of every other university constituency, save the administration, find their jobs more and more at risk, their work degraded, and their connection to the campus attenuated .

The intellectual and professional classes, already gravely attenuated , would have been liquidated entirely.

The model for the Kirov's new female breed may be the more experienced Uliana Lopatkina, all thin, attenuated limbs and haughty sinuousness cultivated to the point of idiosyncrasy.

The obvious answer is that country music fans expect something different from their stars than do alt-rock fans, who still trade in rebellion, even if by now it is a very attenuated and stylized form of rebellion.

The setup and the payoff were far too attenuated , and I candidly couldn't tell you what beer the ad was for (which may influenced by the fact that I don't normally drink beer, I'm not sure).

This community has become somewhat attenuated recently, with many of its members, of a range of type and talent varying from Isaac Wolfson to Jeremy Isaacs, being drawn south by success.

Under the influence of Spranger, Goltzius populated his compositions with attenuated figures in affected poses, sensually nude or fetishistically outfitted in elaborate silks and feathers.

When adolescents have no ties, or only attenuated ties, to authoritative communities, they lose hope and become vulnerable to a range of social and psychological pathologies, including suicide.