Definition Of zero


adjust (an instrument) to zero.

zero the counter when the tape has rewound

no quantity or number; naught; the figure 0.

figures from zero to nine

set the sights of (a gun) for firing.

At the range, I shoot my Sharps from the bench at 100 yards to zero the rifle and get the base line sight settings.

Example Of zero

  • a zero rate of interest

  • Anxious villagers claim drivers diced with death when a flood-hit road turned into an ‘ice rink’ as temperatures fell below zero .

  • By this time, our expectations have gone so negative, that even a zero seems positive.

  • Contemporaries in the media gave their own ballpark figures, each adding a zero to the figure I already had.

  • Don't worry - the chances of Westlife being number one on Sunday now seem to be approximately zero .

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