Definition Of yamme


loud and sustained or repetitive noise.

the yammer of their animated conversation

make a loud repetitive noise.

Swarms of scooters yammered hysterically past, sounding like runaway chainsaws.

Example Of yamme

  • Also, satellite and cable tv offer vastly underappreciated music programming, dozens and dozens of channels of all kinds of music with no damned DJ yammering on or even commercials.

  • And don't start yammering about the Democrats being worse still.

  • And here I am now, with the shades lowered and foam rammed in my ears, only to find out that nothing filters out the jackhammers that yammer at over 110 decibels an hour.

  • As a professional who talks for a living, I am continually amazed that the world is full of people yammering away all for the sheer pleasure of expressing themselves.

  • As one who has moved up from mere yammerer to humble cousin by virtue of now being paid to write reviews, rather than just offering my hasty, instinctive opinion here, I take issue with this dismissive, short-sighted and condescending attitude.

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