Definition Of weal


a red, swollen mark left on flesh by a blow or pressure.

I sat in it once when they were picking tomatoes, my feet dangling, the ridge of the seat hurting my thighs, making red weals .

that which is best for someone or something.

I am holding this trial behind closed doors in the public weal

Example Of weal

  • A positive skin test was defined as a weal of at least 3 mm in any dimension.

  • And they had these sharp little edges that could leave a hell of a weal if they caught you at the right angle.

  • At the first bell after dinner she was back in the gym with Kev, who noticed the red wheals on her arms even before he had started teaching her.

  • Four days later he developed a mild temperature, a sore throat, blisters on the palms of his hands and weals on his tongue.

  • He presupposes that personal liberation, however delightful, is not good enough for the public weal .

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