Definition Of victual


food or provisions, typically as prepared for consumption.

If you equate vegetarian food with starch, stodge, and more starch, you'll be delighted to learn there's a restaurant in Singapore free of associations with vegetarian victuals and 1970s communes.

provide with food or other stores.

the ship wasn't even properly victualed

Example Of victual

  • victual with me next Saturday

  • a voyage of such length, that no ship could victual for

  • A whole new industry was created and the steep sides of the Douro valley terraced and planted to victual the English shires.

  • After refuelling and victualling at Austal, Armidale headed north to Dampier where members of the sea training group were changed and contractors came on board to repair some minor defects to davits.

  • After the round of introductions, it was time for some victuals .

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