Definition Of vice


acting as deputy or substitute for; next in rank.


as a substitute for.

the letter was drafted by David Hunt, vice Bevin who was ill

immoral or wicked behavior.

Machiavelli sometimes associates these passions and desires which are inherent to human nature with vice and corruption and immoral, blameworthy, wicked, and dishonourable conduct.

Example Of vice

  • a mobile phone network is being used to peddle vice

  • an open sewer of vice and crime

  • And vice associated with prostitution - pimping, extortion and drug abuse - simultaneously diminished.

  • Asylum seekers are being praised for helping to breathe new life into a rundown part of a South Yorkshire town that was once blighted by drugs and vice .

  • ‘I just wonder how many of the 63 per cent who want a brothel would like it next to them,’ said Mr McCue, who works with the police to monitor vice activity.

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