Definition Of versed


experienced or skilled in; knowledgeable about.

a native Icelander well versed in her country's medieval literature

speak in or compose verse; versify.

He maintains, ‘it is not rhyming and versing that maketh a poet.’

Example Of versed

  • An educated person would be expected to be well versed in both natural science and the humanities.

  • Can someone more versed in Protestant and Fundamentalist theology than I am help me out here?

  • Contributors versed in various subject areas have assembled noteworthy sites and provided descriptions of each site.

  • Each man was thoroughly versed in the mission and prepared to carry it out alone, if necessary.

  • Gawain responded that even if he taught her all he knew, and recited romances to her, she was already a hundred times more versed in love than he.

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