Synonyms Of upholstery

Definition Of upholstery

soft, padded textile covering that is fixed to furniture such as armchairs and sofas.

For a chic design with a contemporary edge, Monty favors sophisticated fabrics and tailored upholstery in leather and linen.

Example Of upholstery

  • Anyone interested in classes in Woodwork, Pottery or upholstery are advised to get in touch with the organization as soon as possible.

  • As well as providing a top class upholstery service they also supply sofas, couches, arm chairs and suites made to the customer specifications.

  • But ten years ago he went back to painting and decorating and developed the French polishing and upholstery business from that.

  • But the furniture, upholstery and accessories of his own company, Linley, would hardly fit that description.

  • Call the cleaners and they will take care of the carpets, curtains, drapes, furniture, upholstery and put a beautiful Spring gloss to your home.

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