Meaning Of untucks

खोलना खोल देना

Synonyms Of untucks

Definition Of untucks

free the edges or ends of (something) from being hidden or held in place.

He said: ‘The fact that we want to untuck our shirts in the clubhouse will not lead to a slipping of standards.’

Example Of untucks

  • Afterwards, she untucked her long tunic and pulled it off.

  • ‘I say we just go back to the dorms and relax before they do the new roommate lists,’ Tanner said, untucking his plaid overshirt.

  • Before he could do anything else I untucked his shirt.

  • Catching her breath and the bag, she placed her coffee on the table, and untucked her feet.

  • Controversy erupts between George and Jerry over whether Lupe, the chambermaid at their hotel, should tuck or untuck the sheets on their beds.

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