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a member of the lowest-caste Hindu group or a person outside the caste system. Contact with untouchables is traditionally held to defile members of higher castes.

During a recent visit, I found liberals and intellectuals, jet-setters and slum dwellers, men and women, Brahmins and untouchables expressing this Hindu pride.

not able or allowing to be touched or affected.

a receptionist looking gorgeous and untouchable

of or belonging to the lowest-caste Hindu group or the people outside the caste system.

Example Of untouchable

  • A month or so ago, Arsenal, 49 matches without defeat, looked untouchable .

  • Agreed, Danny was untouchable last year with his Yakumbuyo album to the extent that fans still talk about the title-track at his shows the moment he finishes performing Kaya.

  • Although there was no certainty as to the overall winner, at the time of going to press it looked like it would be the midland's day, as deputy presidential candidate, Derek from Carlow was already untouchable .

  • Are we now to assume the England rugby team is officially untouchable in the prize-giving context by all except an elite comprising members of the Royal Family, knights of the realm and fellow World Cup winners?

  • ‘It was kind of a wake-up call that we're not untouchable ,’ said Logan, who lives in the District.

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