Definition Of unsteadiest


liable to fall or shake; not firm.

he was very unsteady on his feet

not uniform or regular.

a soft unsteady voice

Example Of unsteadiest

  • A few people may suffer intermittent symptoms or feel a little unsteady for a few days after the trip, especially after travelling by boat.

  • As Charles lets what feels like half of Glasgow into the dressing room, an unsteady young fan falls at Turner's feet.

  • As he accompanied her back to her cruiser, he appeared to be unsteady on his feet and was leaning slightly to the left and had difficulty walking.

  • As he went to the scaffold, he was so injured and unsteady that he fell from the ladder he was climbing towards the rope and broke his neck.

  • Ed was almost shaking and his voice was a little unsteady as he answered.

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