Meaning Of unsigned

बड़ा बदसूरत

Synonyms Of unsigned

Definition Of unsigned


not having a plus or minus sign, or a bit representing this.

Here is how this four byte sequence is interpreted as an unsigned integer under the two ordering conventions.

not identified or authorized by a person's signature.

an unsigned check

Example Of unsigned

  • According to the players' association, more than 150 players were unsigned when the lockout began.

  • Although PG Tim Hardaway remains unsigned , all signs point to him being on the roster.

  • As tensions festered among Republicans, Democratic aides passed out an unsigned one-page memorandum that they said had been distributed to Senate Republicans.

  • As you might imagine, an unsigned integer is either positive or zero.

  • At times, it is necessary to coerce an unsigned integer from one type to another, resulting in a change in the number of bits used to represent the number.

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